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Press release: Resolute Software continues momentum with 100% YoY growth and new service offerings

Domain-driven consulting and custom software development firm adds Blazor and React expertise to growing staff, expands customer base with new clients

Evelin Georgieva
10 Feb 2023
3 min read
Evelin Georgieva
10 Feb 2023
3 min read
Press Release Resolute Software Continues Momentum With 100% Yoy Growth And New Service Offerings Resolute Website

Resolute Software, a company that specializes in consulting Fortune 500 companies on technology strategy and transformation, continues to gain momentum, doubling in size and adding cutting-edge development expertise in Microsoft Blazor, React and React Native to support the evolving needs of its growing customer base. Resolute offers holistic software development and consulting services by focusing on agile, continuous, and predictable development of custom solutions. Backed by its in-depth industry know-how and outstanding technological expertise, the company helps organizations modernize and expand their digital footprint. With additional support from Blazor and React, the company can now provide the sought-after development skills and knowledge for building extremely high-quality, interactive digital projects leveraging these increasingly popular technologies.

Developed by Microsoft, Blazor is a free, open-source web framework that enables developers to create rich interactive UIs using C# and HTML instead of JavaScript. While the development community has been slow to adopt the technology, adoption is beginning to accelerate, giving rise to the need for consultative services and expertise for maximizing the framework’s potential.

We foresee that demand is increasing for technologists who understand Blazor and can leverage the framework to build next-level, interactive digital projects. 

We continue to invest in our team to ensure we have the capacity, skills, and knowledge to deliver cutting-edge projects to our customers, using the latest and most effective technologies available.

Hristo Georgiev
Co-Founder & CEO

This announcement comes on the heels of Resolute adding React and React Native Development Services to its growing list of offerings. Used by many of the world's leading companies, React is a small, efficient JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It provides an array of open-source tools and extensions for routing, state management, visual components, and developer productivity, enabling extensive choice and flexibility and supporting the modern application development paradigm. 

To enable these new service offerings, Resolute doubled its internal headcount in 2022 and plans to accelerate its growth trajectory to as much as 200% in the coming year to ensure it has the necessary resources to onboard and support new customers. Over the past year, Resolute signed on several new clients in industries such as aerospace and defense, global healthcare, and law enforcement while experiencing continued expansion within its existing customer base.

Since our inception, we’ve grown 100% per year. However, we continue to operate as a boutique shop, hiring only senior-level experts with a clear focus on building long-lasting partnerships with our clients.

Hristo Georgiev
Co-Founder & CEO

At Resolute, we have always focused on creating relationships with our customers and becoming their technology partners for the long-term. The projects we tackle provide tremendous value for the human race. Our customers look to us to help them strategize and build reliable, scalable software architectures that will grow and expand to meet their evolving needs.

By extending our capabilities and skill sets around the latest development technologies, we can continue to deliver the business analysis, engineering, design, QA, and project management expertise our clients need to execute successfully on their business initiatives.

Veli Pehlivanov
Co-founder and CTO

Learn more about Resolute’s software engineering and technology consulting services here.

About Resolute Software

Resolute is part of Ocean Investments – an investment company focused on early-stage technology innovators in Europe, the USA, Africa, and Asia.
Resolute Software offers comprehensive, domain-driven consulting and software engineering services by focusing on agile, continuous, and predictable delivery of scalable, future-proof solutions that help you expand your digital footprint. Our distinctive approach to software development, passion for building sustainable, future-ready solutions, and commitment to understanding clients’ requirements and the ecosystem they operate in make us your perfect technology partner. For more information, visit

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