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Modernization and New Application Development
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Blazor Development

Blazor has become the new buzzword in the Microsoft technology realm. With every rising trend, comes confusion and misunderstanding as to when and how to use the technology.

Client-side (WebAssembly) or server-side Blazor development with a modern .NET architecture and REST


Real-time communication protocols between the client and the server

We help you choose the right flavor of Blazor for your project.

Are you building or modernizing a public web application that should work on any device or network? On the client side, Blazor WebAssembly might be the way to go, as it is fast and responsive despite the additional application load overhead.

Suppose your application is an intranet accessed through the local network infrastructure. In that case, Blazor Server is a promising technology candidate as it loads faster but requires a constant, stable, low-latency network connection for responsive applications.

Blazor’s most significant advantage is using C# and familiar development patterns in .NET for client-side UI development. We combine this with additional web development expertise to create an efficient mix between Blazor and JavaScript for large-scale applications that work on any screen, any device.

3rd Party UI Component Libraries We Use

We use premium quality, visually appealing UI components from Telerik, Material and other established vendors for Blazor applications that engage and delight users and help development teams streamline modernization and upgrades for Microsoft technology powered applications.

Progress development services.

.NET Architecture

Modern system architecture with the latest .NET technologies

Enterprise architecture patterns – CQRS, Pub-Sub, Event Sourcing, asynchronous messaging

Tiered architecture designs that observe the SOLID principles

Monoliths or Microservices

We help you choose the most appropriate architecture depending on system requirements, business needs, and long-term maintainability considerations. There are cases in which both concepts need to be combined to create microliths – a monolithic system design within a functional area, multiple functional areas organized and cguuoordinated like microservices.

Efficient Client-server API Design in .NET

We help you select the most suitable API design style for your specific scenario - REST, GraphQL, SignalR, gRPC.

Microsoft technologies

CI/CD Infrastructure for Large .NET Applications

We help you set up a test and deployment environment provisioning that dramatically reduces the cost of delivering software to end users. We assist with implementing automated functional, integration, and API testing that boosts the quality of your system. Together, we decide on the type of deployment environment - cloud-based, on-premises, or mixed (hybrid) in order to optimize infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Azure Cloud and Big Data

We help you design the cloud architecture and propose the right scalable and cost-efficient solution based on your scenario. If you need a data analysis solution, we will offer the right big data architecture to collect, process, clean up and analyze your data.

Microsoft technologies Microsoft technologies


A law enforcement software vendor modernizes operations and gains cutting edge

4 minute read

Resolute Software is an official Progress Partner - Telerik Certified #ProgressProud

To meet the client’s demand for a robust, yet flexible application infrastructure, Resolute Software designed a distributed microservice architecture based on .NET Core and Oracle. Breaking the classic monolith into a set of microservices allowed our client to deploy core application capabilities both on customer premises as well as on private cloud infrastructure, depending on business needs.


Need to modernize your legacy .NET application or build something from scratch using Microsoft technology?

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Need to modernize your legacy .NET application or build something from scratch using Microsoft technology?

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