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Migration guide: ASP.NET Web Forms to modern ASP.NET

Veli Pehlivanov
4 min read

This guide is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to modernize their ASP.NET Web Forms applications. Packed with real-life examples, comparisons of popular frameworks such as Blazor, Razor Pages, Angular, and React, and helpful visualizations, this guide sheds light on the key technical areas to consider when planning a modernization project.

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Table of contents

Learn about the evolution of ASP.NET web development from Web Forms in 2002 to the introduction of AJAX in 2007, the shift to MVC with ASP.NET MVC in 2009, and the transition to .NET Core. Discover the strengths, weaknesses of ASP.NET frameworks, and strategies for ongoing support and development.
Discover how to tackle software modernization challenges through a risk-based approach. Gain valuable insights and practical advice for successful modernization projects, helping organizations achieve positive outcomes.
Get a concise overview of technical factors when updating a Web Forms application, covering data access, business logic, user interface, SPA frameworks, server apps, and testing, deployment, and operations.

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Migration guide: ASP.NET Web Forms to modern ASP.NET

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