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Decoding complexities and solving modernization challenges – that’s what we are good at and why we are here - to navigate you through digital change.

In this podcast, we translate technological hurdles into practical insights for business leaders.

Meet the host: Veselka Ilieva, Salesforce Consulting Manager at Resolute

With a strong passion for AI and business transformation, Veselka specializes in guiding companies through complex CRM and technological challenges. Join her as she explores innovative strategies to navigate the fast-paced world of tech, ensuring your business stays ahead in the modernization race.

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Web Development
Digital marketing

05. Modernizing for Success. Resolute's New Website!

Podcast Member Profile Picture
Podcast Member Profile Picture
07 Feb 2024
00:28 h
This episode asks: Should I choose a ready-made cake or make one from scratch? Explore the driving force behind Resolute's website revamp, the challenges tackled, and the innovative solutions implemented.

From the "why" behind the overhaul to the intricacies of project delivery and team organization, MA's new host - Veselka Ilieva, delves into it all.
Application architecture

04. How COVID-19 unleashed the power of microservices and container-based solutions

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06 Dec 2023
00:21 h

In this episode, Mike Hines and Dr. Kevin Pho discuss the challenges faced by healthcare IT post-COVID, including strain on server-side systems due to the rapid deployment of remote services. This episode was born from Mike's insightful article, 'How COVID-19 Unleashed the Power of Microservices and Container-Based Solutions,' published on KevinMD.

Artificial Intelligence

03. The 'I' in 'AI' is only as good as your data

Podcast Member Profile Picture
Podcast Member Profile Picture
09 Nov 2023
00:48 h

Episode 3 explores the significance of data in AI, its training, and limitations. Mike Hines and guest speaker Mike Koenig discuss how vast datasets shape AI and delve into the influence of data quality on performance, citing medical field examples. Koenig, a former Microsoft employee and Seattle University Computer Science Professor, shares insights from his work on AI-driven tech for newborn jaundice detection in rural Africa.

Software systems

02. Veli Pehlivanov: 10 best practices for building resilient systems

Podcast Member Profile Picture
Podcast Member Profile Picture
06 Oct 2022
00:24 h

Episode 2: “10 Best Practices for Building Resilient Systems” delves into the multifaceted concept of resilience in the context of software systems and IT organizations. Mike Hines and Veli Pehlivanov explore the idea that resilience extends beyond the software itself, affecting organizational resilience overall.

Digital modernization
Financial considerations

01. Veli Pehlivanov: Do I need to modernize?

Podcast Member Profile Picture
Podcast Member Profile Picture
05 Sep 2023
00:23 h

Episode 1: ‘Do I Need to Modernize?’ explores the vital role of digital modernization for businesses. Mike Hines and Veli Pehlivanov discuss why embracing change is crucial in today’s tech landscape. When is modernization a necessity? What are the financial considerations? What are the modernization’s benefits? We dissect scenarios where businesses must pivot for continued growth.

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