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Overcoming tech debt and legacy barriers

Technical debt and legacy barriers often impede progress and limit an organization’s potential. Yet businesses face challenges and internal resistance during digital modernization. While updating your legacy technology systems will make them more efficient, scalable, secure, and aligned with modern IT practices and business requirements, a digital modernization project may bring uncertainty as it requires reevaluating and reengineering the application portfolio and infrastructure to leverage the latest technologies and development methods.

Risk-based approach to software modernization

Rewrite a complex software system can be daunting, considering the significant time and engineering investment it requires. For any large-scale organizational effort, we take a risk-based approach to modernization. This involves identifying key risks associated with the software system that could potentially lead to nagative business outcomes. Technology life cycle, project durtaion, impact on the business, technical skillset, and engineering capacity are some of the primary risk assessment areas we consider.

From legacy to future-resilient tech

At Resolute, we adopt a domain-driven approach, tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of your industry and business. We take into account the broader organizational context, technology infrastructure, and customer experience to craft a comprehensive and effective modernization strategy.

what we do

We modernize for the tech future

App infrastructure

App infrastructure

01. Bringing vision to life

Together, we shape the vision for your applications and technology, aligning it with business objectives. Delving into your legacy application code and infrastructure, we extract requirements and interdependencies, offering precise guidance to optimize your previous technology investments.

02. Technical insights

Through multiple conversations with you and independent technical research, Resolute compiles an extensive set of findings essential for creating a viable modernization path. Our in-depth analysis covers systems, source code, user interfaces, and third-party components.

03. Modern N-tier architecture

We map your legacy system onto a modern N-tier architecture that preserves and extends its capabilities. Following SOLID principles for code organization, we segregate the application into data access, business logic, and presentation layers. Our well-defined and documented communication interfaces between layers ensure seamless integration.

04. Еfficient data pipelines and intuitive interfaces

Our modernization creates efficient data pipelines, minimizing waste in storage, processing, and network bandwidth. We provide snappy, intuitive, and adaptive user interfaces that work seamlessly across browsers, devices, and screen sizes.

Data architecture

Data architecture

01. Empowering Your Data Journey

Data is the lifeblood of every business application. Our primary focus is to streamline your data workflows, from creation to storage and consumption. The data layer serves as a stable foundation, on top of which legacy is maintained while the modern system evolves concurrently.

02. Revolutionizing Data Architecture

We propose a cutting-edge data architecture that facilitates seamless addition of new functionality to all modules and products. Our high-level, phased, and iterative development strategy ensures frequent release of key new or modernized features to your install base.

03. Validating the Future

To ensure success, we present a “proof of concept” project to validate the suggested architecture and Resolute’s development process. This step ensures a robust and reliable foundation for your data-driven future.

Tech stack

Tech stack

01. Crafting a modern app stack

Our meticulous approach involves selecting a modern app stack perfectly aligned with the newly designed architecture. Our aim is to deliver a seamless and resilient customer experience, while also reducing costs, accelerating development, and embracing automation.

02. Scalable and extensible

Above all, the new tech stack boasts limitless scalability and effortless extension, supported by a microservices architecture. This empowers parallel development and provides the flexibility to switch between programming languages effortlessly.

UI and UX

UI and UX

01. Elevating user experience

The user interface of your application plays a pivotal role in overall usability, serving as the deciding factor between user retention and abandonment. As software modernization presents an opportunity for improvement, we focus on enhancing the interface to be more intuitive, performant, and engaging.

02. A UI overhaul

Based on our experience, modernization projects often evolve into significant UI overhauls. We introduce modern user interaction paradigms such as touch and voice, enabling multi-device and on-the-go access through a responsive interface. Enhanced security and encryption further bolster the user experience.

03. The right tech for success

Picking the right technology, tools, and patterns is vital in meeting ever-increasing user expectations for fast, engaging, and intuitive applications. Our approach ensures that your modern business application aligns with users’ high expectations for high-quality, interactive, and easy-to-use visual interfaces.

how we work

Our process


Performing a thorough assessment of legacy systems


Setting precise objectives and goals for modernization


Providing architecture recommendations


Prioritizing critical applications and components for modernization


Migrating legacy applications to the cloud


Implementing application containerization


Conducting application reengineering


Introducing Agile and DevOps transformation


Ensuring smooth business operations with minimal disruption

why modernize

Benefits of Application Modernization


Improved performance and efficiency


Enhanced scalability and flexibility


Cost reduction and optimization


Enhanced security and compliance

tools and technologies

Our modernization toolbox

  • Cloud computing and migration services
  • Containers and container orchestration platforms
  • Microservices architecture
  • DevOps and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment
  • Automated testing and quality assurance tools

Letʼs talk about your technology requirements.

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Law enforcement

Igniting innovation to enable mobility in the public safety sector

To meet the client’s needs for a robust and adaptable application infrastructure, Resolute crafted a distributed microservice architecture. This transformation involved breaking the classic monolith into a set of microservices, allowing our client to deploy core application capabilities on customer premises or private cloud infrastructure.

With cross-platform compatibility, mobile functionality, and a modern interface, our client secured a strong competitive advantage.

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