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Developing the virtual workplace of tomorrow for customer service representatives

Services included:

  • Back-end development
  • UX/UI design
  • Cloud computing
  • API development

Resolute Software helped a global customer experience (CX) technology and services innovator overcome the barriers of working from home by creating the virtual workplace of tomorrow. This project enabled our client to enhance their team’s productivity, improve their communication, and increase their overall customer satisfaction score. The result of this 6-month project was a graphically rich, easy-to-navigate, and immersive virtual business center that makes employees feel as if they are in the office and not separated by, in some cases, continents.


The client, serving global brands, required efficient collaboration among customer service reps for real-time customer support. The team had to juggle multiple systems, hindering collaboration and service quality. The organization needed a robust full-stack development team to design a unified platform that provided seamless access to all the tools contact center employees use in their daily workflow. Additionally, they wanted their employees to feel happy and motivated at work by offering them a visually stimulating UX experience.


Resolute provided a strong team of six veteran developers who were proficient in the client’s preferred tools and technologies. They could ramp up quickly and collaborate efficiently with the client’s internal data team despite representatives being distributed globally. They also implemented an Agile development process to achieve the client’s technical objectives. They created an engaging platform containing many functionalities that facilitate the work and improve the team's overall mood.


In just three months, we modernized the Receiving function of the client’s CSR module, and completed the first module a full month earlier than anticipated. We were also able to update the UX, make it more appropriate for all users and reduce scrolling by about 30%.


60,000 employees

6 continents

Fluid layout accommodates 5 to 50 desks


Concurrent users

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