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Automate engineering processes to enhance quality and speed up releases

Continuous Integration
Continuous Delivery
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Better quality, greater visibility, faster feedback

Continuous integration and delivery accelerates the entire software development workflow, bringing in such engineering and business benefits as:


  • Transparency at every step of the development process helps organizations quickly identify broken builds and failed automated tests
  • Increased team discipline through agreed-upon processes
  • Predictable and tension-free integration processes
  • Early identification and resolution of quality issues
  • Reduced risk in delivering software to customers frequently
  • Minimized human error risk through automated tasks
  • Faster communication with decision owners, scaling development efforts efficiently
  • Seamless code integration for all contributors
  • Product updates can be rapidly released and measured for success

what is it

Integrate code, deploy and deliver regularly

Continuous integration and delivery empower DevOps to enhance code quality and accelerate software development. By uniting development and operation teams, CI/CD automates application building, testing, and deployment. Through continuous integration, code is automatedly integrated, built, and tested in a shared repository, enhancing the deployment pipeline. In continuous delivery, validated code can be promptly deployed to production, resulting in diminished quality issues and expedited product releases.

why do it

Better transparency, faster release cycles

Continuous integration and delivery expedite software development, yielding engineering and business advantages including:

Enhanced transparency, swiftly detecting broken builds and test failures.

Improved team discipline via agreed-upon steps and processes.

Predictable, stress-free integration procedures.

Early identification and resolution of quality issues pre-production.

Mitigated risk in frequent software deliveries to customers.

Reduction of human error through automated tasks.

Swifter communication with decision-makers.

Confidence in seamless integration of individual contributors’ code.

Rapid release and assessment of product updates.

Ship new product regularly

Nearly 32% of all developers do not employ CI/CD practices, while up to 60% use them ineffectively.

Failure to adopt CI/CD can lead to delayed releases, slower mean time to repair and recovery, developer burnout, and lag behind the competition. Continuous integration and delivery enable organizations to ship new product updates frequently and regularly. CI/CD facilitates frequent and consistent product updates, benefiting companies across industries, sizes, and structures. It is particularly crucial for organizations:

  • Building critical software that must meet high-quality standards and aggressive timelines
  • Focusing on long-term projects necessitating standardized delivery processes
  • Developing complex solutions with tightly coupled components
  • Building solutions that bear a high risk of regressions
  • Seeking CI/CD process standardization across product lines and divisions
  • Pursuing high-quality software development standards
  • Maintaining legacy software demanding automated CI and CD processes

what we offer

CI/CD 360 Managed Service package

CI/CD 360 is a first-class managed continuous integration and continuous delivery service. We assess your CI/CD readiness, map process transformation, implement CI/CD pipelines, and ensure continuous monitoring and optimization.

CI/CD onboarding

CI/CD onboarding

  • Analyzing project systems, platforms, and dependencies
  • Recommending suitable tools based on project and business requirements
  • Expertise in multiple cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, etc.
  • Designing comprehensive solutions for code integration, delivery, and deployment 
  • Setting up build servers and end-to-end infrastructure with primary/secondary nodes
  • Creating isolated build environments and build pipelines
  • Implementing managed, cloud-based automation services and build scripts
  • Advising on optimal deployment targets, considering cost-effectiveness, reliability, and scalability.
Ongoing monitoring and efficiency optimization

Ongoing monitoring and efficiency optimization

We take on the responsibility of continuous monitoring and issue resolution, including:

  • Routine inspection, monitoring, and maintenance of build servers and environments
  • Managing Identity and Access in Automation servers and environments
  • Comprehensive tech maintenance, including toolset upgrades, testing, and validation
  • Critical security updates
  • Log analysis and system health checks
  • Streamlined build environment cleanup and optimization of build and deployment cycles

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