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Resolute triumphs with five HeartCount performance awards

Leman Pehlivanova
10 Apr 2024
4 min read
Leman Pehlivanova
10 Apr 2024
4 min read

Kicking off another successful year, Resolute has once again distinguished itself by securing its fourth consecutive win at the annual HeartCount awards, receiving honors in five distinct categories. These categories, namely wellbeing, feedback, output, satisfaction, and development, have been aptly recognized by HeartCount as foundational pillars in fostering a “place to thrive in.” 

2023 marked a groundbreaking year for HeartCount as it rolled out a new evaluation process. During the last reporting period of HeartCount, from July to December 2023, our focus on well-being was notably successful, achieving a remarkable 97% satisfaction score. Our employee engagement index was equally impressive, soaring to 4.48 out of a perfect 5. On top of that, we earned a 100% positive response rate concerning how much supervisors care for their team members, the level of trust between colleagues, and the autonomy employees have in handling their work tasks.  

This revised methodology highlighted Resolute’s commitment to these five areas:

  • Wellbeing — signaling a company culture that prioritizes and cultivates employee health and happiness. 
  • Feedback — demonstrating a transparent environment where open communication is encouraged and celebrated. 
  • Development — emphasizing the company's dedication to nurturing the career trajectories of its staff. 
  • Satisfaction — mirroring the contentment employees find in their roles and tasks. 
  • Output — evidencing the company's robust and sustainable growth. 

HeartCount: The pulse of a thriving company 

HeartCount, a pioneering platform in organizational health, partners with companies like Resolute to gauge the company's "heartbeat" through a carefully crafted survey consisting of 3 questions based on organizational psychology. These surveys, powered by an intelligent algorithm, ensure a dynamic variety of weekly queries, keeping all metrics fresh and attention-centering. The initiative, reaching "Resoluters" every Friday, empowers the company to stay attuned to its workforce's sentiments and needs. 

Our journey toward being recognized as a 'People-First Company' began in 2020 when we took a proactive step to better understand how our colleagues feel. By utilizing HeartCount's tool, we captured a snapshot of the collective mood and perspective regarding our company culture. This unexpected recognition was a testament to our commitment to fostering a supportive environment.

"Resolute won its first "People-First Company" Award during its inaugural year. We had no idea we were participating in any rankings. We had started measuring how people feel so we could know and provide support accordingly. That was our motivation. Winning the award came as a big surprise at the end of the year and confirmed once again that if you do things with the right motivations, recognition will naturally follow.  

Hristo Georgiev
Co-Founder & CEO

Resolute's winning formula

Resolute has always placed a premium on cultivating an organizational culture where positivity and joy are cornerstones. By consciously maintaining a team size of up to 99 employees, the leadership upholds the importance of nurturing a "feel-like-home" atmosphere. Here, open dialogue, constructive feedback, and collaborative growth flourish, reiterating our conviction that this environment lays solid ground for a successful business

"While it can be argued that technology does not necessarily contribute to a culture of happiness, we at Resolute have a different perspective. We firmly believe that by harnessing the power of market-leading solutions, such as a HR software, we can create a seamless synergy of technology with our action-oriented philosophy. Our aim is to cultivate an environment where everyone feels a profound sense of belonging and purpose. We see technology not just as a tool, but as an integral element in shaping our distinctive culture."  

Veli Pehlivanov
Co-founder and CTO

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