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Modernizing a large-scale custom ERP system

Services included:

  • Application modernization
  • API development
  • Front-end development

A big manufacturing company - toll processor of steel, aluminum, and copper for industrial products reached out to us for modernization of its ERP system. The client had been customizing the system for more than 15 years and none of the existing off-the-shelf ERP platforms met their needs up to this point.

More than 700+ people use the system, and its backend contains an enormous amount of extremely valuable custom logic


The need for modernization of the ERP system became more and more apparent. Annual updates were required every 2-3 months, which was a slow and expensive process. Additionally, modernizing the ERP would be a competitive advantage and allow the client to continue delivering high quality products.


Resolute’s consultants built an application programming interface (API) as the middle layer to connect the Progress backend to the new Angular frontend. Working closely with the client’s internal developers and subject matter experts, we designed the new frontend to meet the project’s exact requirements, ensuring all dependencies and details were considered.


In just three months, we modernized the Receiving function of the client’s CSR module, and completed the first module a full month earlier than anticipated. We were also able to update the UX, make it more appropriate for all users and reduce scrolling by about 30%.

3 months

Modernized the CSR module

1 month

Earlier than expected


Reduced scrolling

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