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Modernizing SaaS platform for a fintech solutions provider

Services included:

  • Web development
  • Data augmentation
  • UX/UI design

Resolute Software helped a leading provider of innovative FinTech solutions and a top-performing cloud-based analytics company serving the asset management industry modernize its client software platform in just five months. Boasting a decade of experience and a global presence with offices in Europe and North America, this customer has earned a reputation for partnering with some of the world's premier financial institutions, aiming to empower fund managers to make smarter investment decisions. The cutting-edge software modernized by Resolute Software is relied upon by 300 professionals, and the upgrade has resulted in increased flexibility and scalability for the platform.


A leading FinTech company serving global financial institutions faced the challenge of providing a modern and sleek interface for its software platform. The platform, built in 2012, had an outdated design and UI that needed to match the quality of the data models they provided. The data visualizations were simplistic and unengaging, creating a need to redesign and modernize the platform to make it more responsive.


Resolute assembled a team of expert UX/UI designers and experienced developers proficient in the client’s preferred tools and technologies. They could quickly ramp up and collaborate efficiently, delivering the project in three phases: design, development, and testing.


Resolute Software provided the critical UX/UI design capabilities the customer was missing in-house and could complete the modernization project in a timeboxed iteration of just five months. With Resolute’s help, the client can now leverage the latest technologies to enhance data visualizations while maintaining the core functionality of their platform, providing a more modern look and feel that matches the quality of the data models they provide.


300 experts globally


Design, development, testing


Rich data visualizations 

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