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Public safety
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A leading public safety software vendor modernizes operations, attracting a new workforce

Services included:

  • Web app development
  • UX/UI design
  • Architecture
  • API development

Our client, a privately owned family company, is a leading software vendor specializing in data management, integration, and exchange software solutions for public safety, law enforcement, and other public sectors. The company promotes officer and citizen safety through cost-effective information management, sharing, and analysis.


Ensuring public safety can't be done from behind a desk. Quick access to mission-critical information in the field is essential for police officers, detectives, sheriffs, and other public safety professionals constantly on the move. That's why time-consuming, repetitive tasks such as incident reporting, evidence tracking, entity searches, and other key functions should be automated and available across platforms and devices. Our client needed to transform and modernize their solutions in order to meet the needs of a younger generation of an increasingly mobile workforce and keep up with their expectations for modern technology and software. They had to modernize their solutions to simplify and automate time-consuming tasks such as data entry, integrate with other new apps and technologies, and implement NIBRS compliance.


Together with Resolute Software, the client embarked on a multi-phased modernization project with specific goals:

  • Modern technology stack
    The larger part of their system was written in a blend of Delphi, .NET and HTML. We standardized on C#/.NET Core and Angular to create a robust, resilient, and high-performance application architecture suitable for all devices and operating systems.

  • Offline operation and sync
    The new system must support offline use, automatically syncing data when a connection is restored.

  • Responsive design
    End-users would be accessing the software primarily on mobile devices, so responsive design was essential to ensure adoption and usability.

  • Data security
    Sensitive information entered by officers must be securely encrypted on the client-side.

  • Access and permissions
    The system must authenticate users and apply license and permissions securely, regardless of location, device or network connectivity.

  • Integrated messaging
    The new platform must support an integrated messaging solution for user-to-user alerts.

To fulfill these requirements, we designed a distributed microservice architecture based on .NET Core and Oracle. This architecture allows for flexible deployment on customer premises or private cloud infrastructure.

Application services communicate through a shared message bus that helps orchestrate data flow in the system core. A distributed multi-tier user authentication and licensing subsystem manages end-user access to the system, delegating authentication to related tenant identity providers.

Backed by a flexible core application infrastructure, the system provides an intuitive end-user experience through multiple responsive web-based applications. Powered by Angular and taking full advantage of modern browser technologies for caching, storage and encryption, the client’s web apps run on any device, transform intuitively to fit any screen size, and enhance the end-user productivity both out in the field and behind a desk.


By providing cross-platform compatibility, mobile functionality and a modern interface, our client gained a strong competitive advantage. Its modernized Public Safety software now meets the needs of its customer base, as it is agile enough to accommodate innovations in public safety technology as they become available.


Compliance mplemented


30+ year-old legacy apps


Apps run on any device

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