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Design thinking meets data analytics

We design technology solutions that accomplish human needs and solve problems with efficiency, usability, and customer satisfaction in mind.

We combine design thinking and data analytics to ensure the proposed UX, UI and branding solutions are coherent and match the desired outcomes of your business goals, such as improved customer loyalty, optimized employee productivity, enhanced user onboarding, better standards-compliance, and overall, gaining a competitive edge.

Resolute's design team

We design for performance

We deliver intuitive, efficient, and performant user experiences that please customers and solve their real business problems. No matter the industry, device, or technology platform, our UX/UI designers possess the expertise to improve your applications’ look and feel and boost their performance, cross-platform interoperability, and responsiveness.

what we do

UX/UI Design services

UX assessment

UX assessment

We identify the challenges of your existing UX architecture and propose solutions backed by hard data and scientific analysis. In addition to the qualitative and quantitative research, our UX experts conduct a primary heuristic evaluation to identify the topmost UX issues. The assessment is an effective way to identify usability challenges and map out the means to solving them. It sets the stage for building future-proof, customer-centric user experiences.

We deliver:

  • 1 Research
  • 2 Analysis
  • 3 Giudance
  • 4 Prototypes
  • 5 Next steps
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UI design

UI design

We are experienced in designing rich interactive applications for mobile, web and desktop. Along with the ability to shape the interactions and user journey, gearing up their ease of use and coherent look and feel, we always approach UI design with performance, productivity, and customer satisfaction in mind. Our experts have a solid understanding of the application development process, which helps them design frictionless, performant, efficient experiences.
Responsive design
Big screen design
Mobile app design
Custom design systems

Custom design systems

We craft practical design systems custom-tailored to your application to help you reuse UI component styles and out-of-the-box skins when scaling your product. We help your teams develop and communicate design standards and create robust, coherent UIs.

We deliver:

  • 1 UI style guide
  • 2 UI component library
  • 3 Design system
Brand identity

Brand identity

A strong brand identity is not just a collection of all the components that help build the company image; it goes the extra step to portray a coherent company image to the customer and echo the values and integrity of your company. We help you pinpoint the essentials of your brand including your mission, values, brand personality and voice, and positioning in order to develop your brand identity.
Color palette
Forms & shapes
Website theme
Product packaging
Business cards, email design & more


Our UI/UX experts always consider the application’s anatomy, including UI libraries to be used, enabling the developer team to be much more productive when turning designs into actual implementations. Resolute Software’s design and development teams work together to ensure that the outcome is not only esthetically pleasing but also meets all requirements for performance and quality.

Why redesign your user interface and experience?

Better onboard new employees & customers

Leaner UI & smoother UX

Introduce custom-tailored workflows

Enable cross-platform, cross-device support

Improve application’s performance

Remove error-prone screens and workflows

Improve accessibility

Facilitate team collaboration

“As the web-based application provides a consistent user experience with the legacy desktop application, no training is needed to get up and running. Productivity improves immediately, reducing operational overhead while improving patient care and outcomes.”

– UX Architect, Healthcare

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