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The Anatomy of Continuous Integration and Delivery

By Resolute

22 Oct 2020
57:02 h

Tech companies fight to set the pace, but to be successful, they depend on the speed they bring innovations to the market. To move at a speed that will delight your customers, it all starts with the right infrastructure. Continuous integration and Continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines have proven effective in achieving five-star results in the field. Join our experts, Bilger Yahov, Cloud Solutions Architect and CI/CD Aficionado, and Brandon Nys, Business Development Specialist, who will dive into the latest and greatest about CI/CD.


  • What's CI/CD - the 10-minute business case that will convince you of the advantages that this investment will bring to your company.
  • How to choose the composition of a CI/CD pipeline - there are many tools, and one size doesn't fit all. We'll guide you on how to choose the best solution for you.
  • How to construct the CI/CD pipe - we will assemble a sample pipe step by step, answering all your questions as we go.

The presenters

Bilger Yahov

Cloud Solutions Architect

Bilger Yahov, a.k.a. Billy, is one of Resolute Software’s Cloud Solutions Architects, focusing on cloud technologies, serverless computing, and Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD). Additionally, he is a full-stack software developer and consultant who appreciates a good challenge. Previously, Billy worked with Fourth, Progress, and StudyPortals in serverless cloud computing and framework development. He enjoys driving, listening to good music, and enjoying nature’s beauty.

Brandon Nys

Business Development Specialist

Successful Business Generalist, keen on performance-based tools and driving continuous improvement.

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