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Chaos engineering 101

by Resolute and Gremlin

14 Jul 2020
00:44 h

As our systems grow more distributed and complex, it’s not a matter of if infrastructure will fail but when. It is impossible to predict all the problems that may arise, but it is perfectly possible to develop a holistic strategy for response to failure through Chaos Engineering, methodically planning failure experiments in order to build more resilient systems and reduce time, cost, and business impact of outages and failures in production.

Join Bilger Yahov, Cloud Solutions Architect at Resolute Software, and Kelley Osburn, Regional Sales Director at Gremlin, for a comprehensive introduction to the history, principles, and practice of Chaos Engineering in our upcoming webinar.


  • Why companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Salesforce pioneered Chaos Engineering to identify failures before they become outages.
  • Understanding the core principles of Chaos Engineering and how to adopt them.
  • How you can safely and securely conduct hypothesis-based Chaos Experiments to test your systems’ response to real-world failures.

The presenters

Bilger Yahov

Cloud Solutions Architect

Bilger Yahov, a.k.a. Billy, is one of Resolute Software’s Cloud Solutions Architects, focusing on cloud technologies, serverless computing, and Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD). Additionally, he is a full-stack software developer and consultant who appreciates a good challenge. Previously, Billy worked with Fourth, Progress, and StudyPortals in serverless cloud computing and framework development. He enjoys driving, listening to good music, and enjoying nature’s beauty.

Kelley Osburn

Regional Sales Director

Kelley Osburn has over 25 years of experience in IT Sales and Management. Armed with Computer Science and MIS degrees, Kelley started out as a Programmer/Analyst for a Fortune 500 Company and then moved into the reseller world as a Systems Engineer. He then moved into sales had very successful stints at HP and CommVault. Since then, Kelley has worked for multiple tech startup companies such as LeftHand, Tegile Systems, Stratoscale, and Portworx. Throughout his career, Kelley has presented to technical audiences across the region at various tech forums, roadshows, user groups, and professional associations. Now at Gremlin, Kelley oversees regional sales activities.

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