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How to Choose Salesforce CRM Implementation Partner

21 January 2021

6 minute read

Тop 5 qualities needed for a salesforce implementation partner

The way we do business changed dramatically in 2020 but this change did not happen overnight! The change started way back in the early 21st century but 2020 accelerated it and is without any doubt the ultimate representation of an extremely fast-changing digital environment that challenges both businesses and individuals.

The fast-forwarding digital and tech era places customer satisfaction and customer relationships as a top priority for the business leaving the service and the product behind. The individual being at the center of the demand and supply system dictates the look and feel of the products, the quality, and the relevance of the services, leading the companies to a wholly new way of doing business entirely focused on customer relationship management and products to please clients’ demands.

Striving for uniqueness in their individualistic relationship approach, companies and sales team requires revolutionary software solutions. Salesforce being the #1 CRM platform for the last decade takes a new trajectory and turns itself into CSP (Customer Success Platform), covering not only the sales processes but also service, marketing, billing, etc. while keeping the client at the center.

Living in this individualistic and at the same time diversified business world, it is hard to imagine there is actually a universal “panacea” for every business model or vertical. The Salesforce CRM platform with all of its various products puts the solid foundations for a successful business operations architecture. Most of the time though it requires a “fine-tuning” – salesforce partner understanding the business to come and listen to the client’s pain points and identify any gaps slowing down the business dynamics. The ultimate goal is to propose an adequate and efficient Salesforce solution that not only addresses the business objectives and needs but stimulates growth.

Here come the benefits of having a Salesforce Consulting Partner to be your fellow traveler in the Salesforce implementation process, to guide you and lead you through every single step of the journey and celebrate together the final success!

Read the 5 tips our certified Salesforce experts in Resolute Software (Salesforce certified consultants) selected to help your journey in finding the best Salesforce consulting company for your business:

1. Transperancy

When evaluating quotes from different Salesforce consulting firms, pay attention to how detailed is the estimation plan. A well-defined estimation plan with the individual cost for every milestone apart from the total cost guarantees there is no hidden cost or additional items on top of the predefined initial requirements of the Salesforce services.

2. Expertise

Check the LinkedIn Profile of the Lead Salesforce consultant who has participated in the scoping meetings. Salesforce Certificates are a good KPI to estimate the Consultant’s technical expertise.

Of course, successfully completed Salesforce implementation projects and customer success stories are far way more indicative, but the certification level can show you the Consultant’s level of dedication and professionalism as well. Salesforce CRM gives us a tool to verify the certification level of a Salesforce Consultant using their email or Name and Surname.

Here is a quick link to do it:

Apart from looking at the number of certificates and Salesforce Products, don’t forget the certification date. Salesforce CRM system Certificates obtained in 5 years carry more expertise and knowledge weight than certificates obtained in a single year.

3. Domain knowledge

During the initial meetings and business consulting with the Salesforce implementation Partners or consulting company search for traces if they grasp easily your business operations, language and terminology. Working on a Salesforce customization with a Salesforce implementation Partner who knows your business and understands the processes takes you 5 steps further to a successful project from the very beginning of the implementation process.

4. Senior presence

The future is at the hands of the youth! That’s absolutely true and we at Resolute Software support this statement and have a team of excellent junior specialists. However, to guarantee smooth project management, high-quality Salesforce implementation services, and execution we always have our senior Salesforce consultants taking part in the whole project lifecycle starting from the sales and scoping to the final CRM system delivery.

5. Company culture

Depending on the scale and complexity of the project, the Salesforce implementation and related Salesforce products may take between 1 month and up to 12 months. In addition, you may decide to extend your partnership with your Salesforce consulting partner with a support contract. This basically means that you will spend quite a time with the Salesforce partner on discovery and working sessions, demo and show-and-tell sessions with the Salesforce platform, etc. The similarity in the business values and code of conduct may guarantee you smooth business relationship and seamless communication! Don’t forget to look at the Core Values on the consulting company website, but also listen to how people communicate and observe the level of homogeneity with your way of communication.

Why choose Resolute Software?

Your Salesforce implementation is an important step toward your business transformation. As discussed above, an experienced Salesforce consulting partner can help you significantly on that implementation journey and maximize your ROI.

Resolute Software has helped over 200 companies across the globe to turn their Salesforce investments into an efficient and scalable implementation with long-term results. Our company has the diverse cross-industry experience and boasts a team of seasoned experts. Each of our projects offers a solution that is tailored to the needs of our customers. By working with us, you can rely on transparency and professionalism at all times.

If you are making your baby steps into the Salesforce ecosystem read more about the Salesforce implementation services we offer and how we can help you transform your business. Alternatively, if you are a fan of real-live communication, simply get in touch to get an initial virtual Salesforce consultation to determine what your implementation needs are, and how to best proceed from there.


How do I find Salesforce partners?

On the AppExchange Salesforce website, you can find a list of all Salesforce consulting companies. Start by selecting your country and location and click on “Consulting Partner.”

How can I verify the certification level of the Salesforce consultants?

Salesforce gives us a tool to find certified Salesforce professionals. You can verify the certification level of a Salesforce Consultant using their email or Name and Surname. Here is a quick link to do it:





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Yana Chavgova
Yana Chavgova

Yana is an experienced Salesforce professional with proven expertise and knowledge in custom implementations among variety of verticals. Skilled in detailed business analysis, implementation strategies and user-adoption techniques, she brings positive change to organizations and helps them succeed in digitalizing and moving processes to the cloud.

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