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Sleek, modern, award-winning: Resolute's website overhaul triumphs at Web Excellence Awards

Kameliya Dineva
18 Jun 2024
3 min read
Kameliya Dineva
18 Jun 2024
3 min read

We’re thrilled to announce that our completely renewed and modernized site has been awarded gold at the Web Excellence Awards in the Website/Computer/IT category.

In just a year, we've accomplished our goal of creating a modern, sophisticated site that embodies Resolute's spirit of innovation. This recognition from the Web Excellence Awards underscores our dedication and the exceptional professionalism of our team. Our mission to drive business modernization and elevate our clients to leading positions through advanced technologies is paramount. We're thrilled to see our expertise validated through such prestigious accolades.

Hristo Georgiev
Co-Founder & CEO

Resolute site competed against entries from 27 countries, with over 950 participants across all categories. This achievement underscores the knowledge within Resolute's team and the modern, creative, and engineering potential we bring to every project. 


But let us share the process and efforts that led to this remarkable achievement. 

The power of design thinking

Resolute's website got a total makeover, starting fresh from the bottom up. We crafted a custom design system that kept up with the latest trends and tailored our needs and goals. Three of our top-notch designers were on deck throughout the process, ensuring that every pixel was polished to perfection.  


We didn't just slap on fancy colors and call it a day. We dove deep into design thinking. We put ourselves in our users' shoes, challenged assumptions, and cooked up some seriously innovative solutions. Following the five-step process of design thinking—empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test—we made sure our site was not just eye candy but also a joy to use.  

Big steps, smart strategies

Our design journey was a collaborative effort. We embarked on brainstorming sessions where ideas flowed freely, each one contributing to the final result. After careful consideration and sorting through some intense ideas, the real work began.  


First, we wanted to give Resolute a fresh new look with a splash of trendy colors— mint green, yellow, and salmon, all complementing our signature purple. That revamp wasn't just about aesthetics; it reflected our commitment to tech, modernization, and dynamic partnerships.  


But it wasn't all about looks. We also aimed to overhaul our CMS and address any issues to enhance the general user experience. Instead of choosing an off-the-shelf CMS, we opted for a custom-tailored one that will meet our marketing and business organization’s needs much more efficiently. Navigating our site is now an ease, with users effortlessly finding their way around and diving into our success stories, services, and more. 

Art of perfection - focusing on detail

Speaking of content, we wanted our design to complement it perfectly. We focus on showcasing our boutique and premium services, as well as our skillset, and every visual element is carefully curated to elevate our brand and engage our audience.  


Of course, it wasn't all smooth sailing. Our site is full of content, from services to blogs to success stories, and making it all look good and informative was no small feat. Plus, having design, development, and marketing teams juggle the old and new sites simultaneously added complexity. We thrive on challenges. Our designers had the opportunity to unleash their total capacity for creativity before our programmers got to work. And speaking of our tech team, they didn't just slap together a pre-made template—oh no, they built our site from scratch using Blazor, laying the groundwork for our digital masterpiece.   


The result? We can proudly state that our collective efforts paid off. With seamless navigation and a sleek design, our site is now a true reflection of Resolute's modern and innovative spirit. So, go ahead and explore the possibilities for success. We at Resolute know that with modern technologies and a professional team, the future looks brighter than ever. 

Resolute team
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