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Resolute Software Promotes Sean Garguilo to Chief Revenue Officer

01 July 2020

9 minute read

Sean Garguilo CRO Resolute Software

Sofia, Bulgaria – July 1, 2020 – Resolute Software Co-CEO and Co-founder Hristo Georgiev today announced the promotion of Sean Garguilo to the position of Chief Revenue Officer. Sean, who has served as the company’s VP of Sales, will oversee all revenue generation processes, as well as drive the integration and alignment between all revenue-related functions, including sales, marketing, business development, and revenue collection.

A seasoned sales and business development executive with massive experience in the IT professional services field, Sean has a proven track record of training, motivating, and leading high-performant sales teams. Since the company’s inception, Sean has established best-in-class revenue-generating strategies that helped propel Resolute Software to record an amazing first year in 2019.

“Sean is an outstanding professional with an entrepreneurial spirit who’s been instrumental for the development of the team and an inspiration to delivering true value to our customers,” Georgiev said. “Under his watch, we crafted, refined, and enhanced our service offerings to deliver unrivaled value to our customers and partners.”

We thought it’s a good opportunity to ask Sean a few questions about his career path, his experience with Resolute Software, and what’s challenging for him today. He also tells about what made him passionate about sales, and who’s Sean outside work.

What made you want to get into sales at the time you were starting your career?

I grew up in Connecticut and went to college at Central CT State University. I began as a Psychology major in college and transitioned to Business during my sophomore year. I ended up with a B.S in Marketing and a minor in psych which has been quite helpful during my business career. I decided to take the sales path because I had some success during a couple of internships in college and selling was comfortable for me then and now.

How did your career path lead you to Resolute Software?

My first job out of college was for a sub-contractor of IBM. I was part of a team that presented the new IBM e-business platform in North and South America. I also trained the inside sales staff on how to create an audience for this tour. Next up, I moved to Atlanta and worked as a Tech Recruiter. I was recruited out of that company by a professional services firm named USI which later became BravePoint. I worked for this entity for 17 years, had many different titles, and was the VP of Sales when we were purchased by Progress Software in 2014. I led global Pro Services sales for Progress for 3 years. I left IT and bought a School of Rock Franchise in 2017 and returned to IT with Resolute in 2018.

Can you share insights from your experience as the VP of Sales at BravePoint?

During my tenure at USI/BravePoint, we grew from around 30 employees to 140. It (BravePoint) did feel like my baby, especially during the last 10 years of its existence. I still am very close with many people who worked there for 15+ years. IT Professional services is very rewarding for those who like to solve problems using tech. The business model is very tricky and delicate but when firing on all cylinders, it is very rewarding.

How did Progress approach you for the acquisition of BravePoint?

Over the history of BravePoint, Progress approached us three times for the purpose of acquisition. The former CEO of Progress approached us in 2014 at a conference. I was part of the due diligence team at BravePoint, so I had to keep the secret for about six months which was challenging.

What was is it like to be heading the Progress’ Global Professional Services effort?

Going from a small company to a much larger public corporation is challenging from a velocity perspective. At BravePoint, we prided ourselves as being extremely nimble and flexible. Overall my experience with Progress was very positive. Working with talented people, the opportunity to work globally for the first time, and having the power of a larger firm, are a few benefits worth mentioning.

How do you keep your passion and drive for sales today?

I’m competitive so the thrill of the chase and attaining sales goals will always drive me. As a sales leader, one of my major functions is to help develop other sales professionals which is also very rewarding and motivating.

How did Resolute Software approach you for the job?

I met Hristo a few years before I joined in Sofia and both he and Veli (Resolute’s CTO and Co-founder) had excellent reputations. These two are extraordinary and made an immediate impression on me in short order because of their passion for the new business.

My former boss and President of BravePoint made the re-introduction to Hristo Georgiev, Co-CEO of what would become Resolute Software. They were discussing the potential new business and Hristo was in need of someone to run sales and build a business in the US.

Hristo and I had many discussions about our goals before I joined as the VP of Sales in November of 2018.

Why did you decide to join Resolute Software?

My plan was to not get back into IT, but the idea of a start-up and of working with Hristo and Veli were the major factors in me joining Resolute. I knew that Hristo would recruit solid talent and that we were set up for success with the experience and industry knowledge that Atanas Simeonov (Resolute Software Co-CEO and Co-Founder) brought to the table.

What were your job responsibilities as VP of Sales at Resolute Software? What’s changing now with the new role?

Being that we are still in our infancy as a company, my main two functions are establishing a solid client base and co-creating new offerings and processes working Marketing and Biz Dev. Some days I put on a Finance hat and work with our team in Bulgaria on invoicing. I network. I prospect. I evangelize. Being back in a small company has been invigorating and I truly am having a good time! By assuming the role of Chief Revenue Officer, I become responsible for all company activities that generate revenue, which also means that I co-share responsibility and drive the integrations and alignment of business functions like operations, marketing, pricing and packaging efforts.

What would you say is your core competence? What are you good at?

I think I am a decent reader of people and a leader. I’ve been around the IT services business for so long that I’ve made most of the major mistakes in the past and learned from them. I am most comfortable being a player/coach of a sales team, and luckily, I get the opportunity to do that. Oh, I’m a good Singer. 😊

What difference are you hoping to make at Resolute Software?

Our goal is to grow the company but never lose our way and discard our key values. I think one of the things I can do is to contribute to the process of setting a solid foundation which can be picked up by my successor when the time comes.

What is the biggest challenge for you now?

Being old school, not having face-to-face contact with my team and customers because of geography and Covid-19 is challenging.

Where is the professional services industry headed today? What’s changing?

All indicators point toward industry growth and further granular specialization. Great companies will continue to choose partners who offer outstanding quality services for very specific industries, technologies, methodologies, etc. We are positioned well in this respect.

What professional achievements do you feel proud of?

I am proud to have contributed to chapter one of Resolute and BravePoint. Also, I have contributed to many people getting and keeping jobs over the last 20+ years. Finally, I hope I have helped salespeople who worked for and with me get better and enjoy their jobs.

Who is Sean outside work?

I am a husband and a dad of a 10-year girl. I am a huge sports fan and currently am missing live sports badly, especially baseball. I’ve been singing and writing and performing music since I was 16. I think expressing oneself musically can change lives, and I know it has changed mine. My wife and I bought our School of Rock for many reasons, including the fact that the franchise has a great model, great leaders, and allows us to work with kids, which we both enjoy. Watching shy kids walk in the door not being able to make eye contact or play a note of music and three months later watching them perform in front of 500 people with confidence has been transformational for us. Also, when the school is closed late at night I can go into the studio, turn up the volume and jam without bothering anyone.

Besides sports and music, I really enjoy traveling and hope to be able to do so again soon. Also, I am getting involved with the social change that is happening and trying to contribute positively to the cause.

Any fun stories from your professional experience that you’d like to share?

I have many but one that comes to mind is a team-building exercise we did at BravePoint. We decided to do a white-water kayaking trip in rural GA and picked a very challenging river that had many class V rapids. Only one person on the trip besides the guides had any real white-water experience so the carnage that ensued was expansive. Boats tipped over and went down the river solo. Many IT professionals spent most of the trip in the water getting battered. Many minor injuries and it was all professionally filmed one of the funniest videos you will ever see. We all laughed about it at the bar after, but the looks of terror on faces and the awkward-looking kayak exits that were filmed were priceless.

Congratulations on your well-deserved promotion, Sean! You make a real difference around here.




Antonia Bozhkova
Antonia Bozhkova

Antonia is an experienced digital marketing professional with proven success in developing results-oriented initiatives that achieve business objectives. Skilled in marketing strategy, user behavior analysis, and content marketing, she has the ability to influence thinking and effect change in organizations.

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