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The secret to building long-lasting partnerships with clients

At Resolute Software, we always had a clear and specific strategy and vision for the future. We aim to position ourselves as a different service provider on the market because we believe that our philosophy and beliefs are different.

Nadezhda Petrova
24 Jan 2022
9 min read
Nadezhda Petrova
24 Jan 2022
9 min read

Our motto is "When someone says I can't do it – we sharpen our ears". We create high-quality products for our customers, consult them at every step of the way. Most importantly, we become their trusted partner, always ready to help in any challenging situation. This approach enabled us to gain the trust of potential clients and work on projects with global importance.

Hristo Georgiev, CEO and Veli Pehlivanov CTO at Resolute Software, told us why Resolute Software is not a company making just e-shops and consumer applications; what happens when customers learn that you are a company from Europe, and the importance of being transparent with the clients.

When you have the freedom to choose your clients

Resolute Software is a company that has the expertise to solve complex problems and work on projects with global importance. Therefore, when a customer asks for a small website or mobile application development, the request is usually denied. “We are looking for complex issues that are of strategic importance to our customers, which would help them be more successful and put them in a more competitive position compared to other players in their segment,” says Hristo.

The company is growing its customer base in several different ways. One of them is constantly working on building a good reputation. “Recommendations and word-of-mouth are the main channels for finding new customers and perhaps one of our most reliable because when someone is satisfied, they can very easily recommend you to other businesses in the same sector. This allows us to build industrial expertise in a particular business area,” said Veli. In addition, the other key approach used for finding new clients is having a global sales team that is actively looking for new business worldwide. Resolute Software has sales teams present in the United States and the Netherlands. At the same time, the use of partner networks such as Microsoft, Progress Software, and Salesforce helps us in the process as well.

“Resolute Software is positioned in the market’s premium segment in terms of quality, price, and work attitude. Therefore, we compete for projects with some of the largest and world-renowned service companies. Very often, in the beginning, we do not know who we are competing with, later we understand that these are serious companies from Western Europe and America. However, we almost always win the project because we show a comprehensive solution to the specific case, responsibility, and high-quality, in-depth analysis of the given problem. Every project we win proves that we are doing things right,” Veli explains.

We strive to develop long-term relationships with clients. At Resolute Software, we prefer to have fewer clients, which we can keep for a long time because we know from experience that once you win the customer’s trust, he stays with you in the future. Proof of this is that we have not had a client who refuses to work with us so far.

"Clients understand that by entrusting the project to us for a long time, they not only make the technically correct choice because of the expertise of our engineers, they also get the best in terms of communication and interaction with the technical staff. They are confident in our high commitment, in the fact that we are a team that can respond promptly when a client needs us."

Veli Pehlivanov
Co-founder and CTO

Resolute Software projects - a dream come true for every engineer

Apart from solving complex problems, the other important thing for the team is the function of the Software we create, and the solution contributes to a large extent to the day-to-day activities of our clients. This aspiration brings together many exciting and meaningful developments with a global impact on our portfolio. “For one of our clients, we are working on building a geographic information system that works with radio signals around the world. It collects and identifies signals, monitors them in real-time, and displays them on a map,” explains Veli.

Our teams are also helping reduce crime abroad by working on Software modernizing the police station system. Imagine all the action movies we have seen hundreds of times patrolling cars, checking the number of vehicles before stopping them. The system we are working on has such a function. Until now, the Software was only available on desktop devices, and Resolute Software makes it work on any device - smartphones, tablets, and large screens. Check out the full case study here.

Sometimes, clients want to better understand the company’s expertise and experience before entrusting a large project, so our team often initially works on a prototype or smaller test task.

"This happened to one of our clients, operating in the healthcare industry, who had a problem they were unable to resolve themselves. We accepted the challenge, and three months later, we fixed the problem and even had a working solution. This was a huge step in building trust. We showed them that we understand our work perfectly."

Veli Pehlivanov
Co-founder and CTO

Following this “test,” Resolute Software is developing a modern version of an IT system for ultrasound imaging and health information processing, focused on obstetrics and gynecology for the same client. Read more here.

One of our latest projects for another client operating in the healthcare industry is a mobile application used worldwide that reaches end mobile users and provides timely information about Covid, other pandemics, and recommendations for action in certain health-threatening situations. Read more in our case study here. This is, in fact, one of the projects that Hristo and Veli are most proud of. “We are happy that a Bulgarian company has developed a mobile application at a time of a global pandemic, which helps the whole world to be better informed, to follow the recommendations, rules, and decisions affecting health,” said Hristo. Veli added that these projects are a hard-won victory: “We were examined under a magnifying glass to see if we could do it and earn the right to develop such systems that were important to our customers. I am proud of each of them.“

Checkmate - strategy is everything

Resolute Software’s strategy for winning customers is strictly individual to each specific case. However, Veli says that he likes to follow the “Land and Expand” approach, as initially, it is crucial to get to know the client very well.

"This is important for both sides. It helps us understand whether our views on teamwork, efficiency, and long-term vision coincide. It is important that we become partners and that companies know that they can reach new technological heights with us. That's why we prefer to start with a smaller commitment, get to know each other, and then expand our activities in the areas where we are the best, " Veli explains.

Another basic rule we follow is always to make sure we respond to the client’s problem quickly and timely. Resolute Software manages to provide a high level of customer service and aftercare for the clients. “All this is very much appreciated; it shows that we are a sustainable team over time and can be relied on,” Veli said.

Sometimes we refuse to develop an excellent business idea or work on an exciting project because we decide to only work on challenges we know we are capable of doing. However, by rejecting an offer transparently and openly, we always gain customers’ trust and, very often later, receive other tasks from them in our field of professionalism. “We have had cases in which the client comes up with a specific technical case that is not in our area of competence, and we do not make a deal. However, they see that we are serious, and it often turns out that there are other challenges the client is facing that we can help them with. Sometimes, clients come to us to develop a specific element of the system, and eventually, we expand our partnership with more services. This is how we worked with a client for whom we built a virtual workplace, starting with a particular task on the front-end, then we upgraded with graphic design, cloud infrastructure, and server development, “said Hristo.

Competing with the largest on the market

What provokes Resolute Software technologically are the complex and exciting challenges. “For us, there is nothing more interesting than doing something that someone else has given up on. That’s why we say that we are not a random outsourcing team that develops ‘sites,’ but we do what many others failed to do, “Veli said.

Hristo shared about one of the biggest struggles the company is facing daily. “When we first start talking to potential customers, and they find out we are a company coming from Eastern Europe and not from America or Western Europe, for us competing with others to win a project becomes much harder.” One of the biggest challenges is doing business globally, no matter what part of the world you are from. If you are a “foreigner,” you have to prove yourself much more,” says Hristo and adds that one of their goals in this process is to show everyone how excellent and qualified engineers at Resolute Software are.

Many successful projects and happy and satisfied clients guarantee the team’s high level of expertise and skills. Resolute Software has won many battles despite the constant struggle and the need to prove themselves, and more and more global customers are talking about us.


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