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Resolute Software Modernizes 15-Year Old App to Provide Thousands of Healthcare Professionals Access to Critical Patient Data

Dec 08, 2021
3 minute read

Resolute Software helped a global manufacturer of diagnostic imaging and radiopharmaceutical products modernize its legacy desktop application, which is used by tens of thousands of medical professionals worldwide. Resolute provided essential expertise in Angular and Kendo UI development to deliver a rich, intuitive web-based application that met all the client’s requirements, while empowering users with flexible browser-based access to critical patient data.

The Challenge

Medical professionals rely on rapid access to patient and treatment information to make life-saving decisions and deliver essential care. The trend toward digital transformation has been gaining traction in the Healthcare industry to streamline workflows and lower costs.

Our client needed to modernize their legacy desktop application to accommodate an increasingly mobile healthcare workforce and enable efficiencies and cost savings that reduce the cost of care. The challenge was how to enable web-based access to critical patient data from anywhere together with providing a seamless user experience across all devices – desktop, laptop and mobile.

“The application was written in C++, and we were looking to modernize it by creating a set of web applications using Angular and Kendo UI,” said Veli Pehlivanov, Co-Founder & CTO at Resolute Software.


Resolute Software delivered a multi phased modernization project which was executed by their most senior-level developers who pressed the boundaries of what’s possible in web development.

  • Phase 1: Discovery
    The Resolute team conducted numerous meetings to discuss the feasibility of implementing desired functions, features and components, and the implications of implementing those changes, both from a UX/UI and compliance perspective.
  • Phase 2: Assessment
    The team performed a technology analysis of the client’s Angular code base and identified any performance issues and bottlenecks and recommended best practices. At the same time, they conducted a UX/UI assessment. At the end of this phase, Resolute delivered a vision and prototype for a design that would preserve the critical UX/UI end-user requirements while achieving the functionality outlined in Phase 1.
  • Phase 3: Development & Testing
    The Resolute team set to work developing the predefined custom components. Feedback was provided on a weekly basis, and incorporated via an agile, iterative development process. The Resolute team conducted rigorous functional tests, achieving over 80% coverage, to verify the usability of the new components and document them in a way that would simplify the validation of any future changes.


Resolute’s team successfully tackled the technical challenges of modernizing the legacy desktop application, resulting in a new web application that is optimized to deliver a consistent and rich browser-based experience to users.

“The Resolute team brought extensive experience and knowledge in custom component development as well as Angular and Kendo UI, which was really instrumental for helping us achieve all our technical requirements. Their expertise will help us implement custom visual components, as well, to provide an even richer, more intuitive UI for our users and provide them with rapid access to critical insights about patient data.”

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We forge open, long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

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