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Accessibility Before the First Key Falls

By Progress Software

20 May 2024
02:16:32 h

In observance of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), Progress Software proudly hosted a special Twitch broadcast of "Code it Live," featuring a panel of experts including our accomplished UX/UI Designer, Diana Tashkova. The webinar emphasized the critical integration of accessibility into the design phase prior to coding, spotlighting the importance of creating inclusive websites and applications from the start.


  • Introduction

  • Implementation is not always enough with Sara Faatz

  • Building A11y into your Design Systems with Diana Tashkova

  • A11y for the everyday person with Bekah Rice

  • Improving accessibility on an existing platform with Dan Denney

  • Speaker Panel - Open Discussion

The presenters

Alyssa Nicoll

Angular Developer Advocate for Kendo UI

Alyssa is an Angular Developer Advocate & Google Developer Expert. Her two degrees (Web Design & Development and Psychology) feed her speaking career. She has spoken at over 30 conferences internationally, specializing in motivational soft talks, enjoys gaming on Xbox and scuba diving in her spare time.

Diana Tashkova

UX/UI Designer

Diana is a multifaceted professional at Resolute, engaging with teams across engineering, marketing, and leadership to drive modernization in software systems for various sectors, including healthcare and cybersecurity. She plays a pivotal role in managing consulting projects, focusing on enhancing UX/UI to offer clients a competitive edge, evidenced by her direct collaboration with a US software vendor to revamp their decades-old system.

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