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Building responsive, interactive web, desktop and mobile apps
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Resolute Software is an official Progress Partner - Telerik Certified #ProgressProud

Telerik UI

Modernizing Telerik UI-powered Applications

We modernize legacy .NET applications running Telerik tech. We re-platform applications (e.g., from desktop to web or web to mobile) while preserving the UI capabilities with Telerik components or extending them to meet additional technical requirements as necessary.

Customizing and Extending Telerik UI Applications

We extend your apps with advanced user interfaces and additional channels like mobile.

Building New Applications with Telerik UI

We help you choose the right technology stack for your next .NET application by assessing your UI needs and requirements and selecting among ASP.NET MVC, Razor, Blazor, or JavaScript. We also construct your .NET server architecture using different paradigms - microservice, monolith, microlith. Additionally, we design and implement API protocols for client-server communication, taking the data-binding capabilities of the Telerik components into account. 

Resolute Software is an official Progress Partner - Telerik Certified #ProgressProud

Kendo UI

Modernizing Kendo UI-powered Applications

We help customers migrate from legacy jQuery-based applications to modern JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue while preserving the existing UI functionality and augmenting with responsive design, mobile application look-and-feel, and modern browser capabilities such as caching, pre-loading, and data encryption. We also modernize legacy applications and bring them to the new technological age, transforming them into snappy, responsive web and mobile apps that are always connected and work from anywhere, on any device.

Customizing and Extending Telerik UI Applications

We help customers switch between different flavors of Kendo UI, and extend and enrich JavaScript applications in Angular, React and VueJS. In addition to application development, we can augment the Kendo UI components with additional capabilities, missing features, or specific custom component behaviors.

Building New Applications with Kendo UI

We analyze the business-specific technical requirements for all JavaScript development and help pick the right JavaScript technology, UI framework, and tools, enabling efficient development and low maintenance throughout the system life cycle.

We use modern JavaScript technologies with Kendo UI and other quality tools and libraries to create engaging user experiences for any device, any browser.

We combine technical and creative skills in JavaScript frameworks, Kendo UI components and advanced web development to create seamless application experiences across desktop, tablet, and mobile, through a single codebase.

Progress Sitefinity

We augment Sitefinity-based websites and turn them into rich, interactive application experiences. Using Sitefinity as a headless CMS and as the data platform, we build web and mobile applications powered by Sitefinity data. 


MOVEit is a secure and reliable file transfer solution that enables businesses to easily share files of any size across any platform or protocol. As a MOVEit reseller and managed service provider, we are equipped to help our clients streamline their file transfer processes and enhance their data security.

Cloud Deployment and Operations

Understanding the challenges of modern, large-scale, multi-channel, interconnected business applications, we can easily migrate your apps and infrastructure to the cloud. We add value to your MOVEit-based Managed File Transfer project by selecting the proper computing and web infrastructure, and storage technologies.

Enterprise services

Our SLA-based and quality-driven enterprise services provide transparency and in-depth insight into how we work. We maintain constant communication and seek your feedback and approval at every step. Our services include regular inspection and performance monitoring, identity and access management, tech maintenance, critical security updates, log analysis, and system health check. We also optimize your build environment and deployment cycle.

Professional Services

We offer end-to-end services, from provisioning, deployment, and configuration to monitoring system health, cybersecurity, and updates. Our team specializes in integrating business apps with your existing CRM, ERP and Payroll systems, custom scripting and workflows. We also provide custom software development, such as building add-ons, reports, app extensions, and UI customizations.


Need to build a new solution from scratch with the Telerik technologies? Looking for help to customize and implement a single Telerik component?

We at Resolute Software know the Telerik products inside out. Because we helped build them. Our highly experienced, results-driven software engineers are proud to have led and contributed to the engineering effort at Telerik. They have been instrumental in crafting the industry-standard in UI components and development tools alike.

Resolute Software is an official Progress Partner - Telerik Certified #ProgressProud

We have comprehensive expertise and rich experience in extending, customizing and implementing the entire Telerik product portfolio, from UI components through Kinvey Platform to NativeScript.

The team at Resolute Software has spent years raising the foundations of the development solutions at Telerik, from UI components for ASP.NET AJAX and WPF to the award-winning Kendo UI suite. As Progress partner, out connection with Telerik remains solid - we do get a very good insight into product roadmaps, as well as the ability to provide customer feedback and influence product development.

Veli Pehlivanov

Progress Telerik Technologies That We Support

  • One of the most popular third-party components suite for .NET
  • Components for ASP.NET
  • Components for Xamarin
  • Reporting Tools
  • One of the most popular commercial component suites for web development
  • jQuery components
  • Angular components
  • React components
  • Headless and multichannel
  • AI-driven analytics
  • Experience management
  • Customer data management
  • Digital commerce
  • MOVEit Cloud
  • MOVEit Automation
  • MOVEit Transfer
  • MOVEit on Azure
  • MOVEit Add-ons
  • MOVEit Add-in for Outlook

Leveraging custom component development as well as Angular and Kendo UI to modernize a 15-year old healthcare application

3 minute read

Resolute Software is an official Progress Partner - Telerik Certified #ProgressProud

We helped a global manufacturer of diagnostic imaging and radiopharmaceutical products modernize its legacy desktop application, which is used by tens of thousands of medical professionals worldwide. Resolute provided essential expertise in Angular and Kendo UI development to deliver a rich, intuitive web-based application that met all the client’s requirements, while empowering users with flexible browser-based access to critical patient data.


Need to modernize your Progress technology powered application or build something from scratch?

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Need to modernize your Progress technology powered application or build something from scratch?

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