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Resolute Empowers the Sales Team at Amatas with a Custom Salesforce Implementation that Streamlines Processes throughout the Entire Sales Lifecycle

Nov 30, 2020
3 minute read

Resolute Software helped Amatas, a global managed cybersecurity company implementing a complete, customized solution in Salesforce that would enable its Sales team to more effectively manage and nurture leads, convert prospects into customers, and manage proposals and contracts. The project consisted of a custom Salesforce implementation and integrating several mission-critical applications, including Outreach, ZoomInfo, Docusign and Docusign Negotiate.
Resolute Empowers the Sales Team at Amatas

The Challenge

Cybersecurity has always been a key IT initiative, but today, amidst increasing fraud and the trend toward remote working, it’s never been more critical. Our client, Amatas, a global managed cybersecurity company, is addressing this need by delivering complete cybersecurity solutions to midsized companies and large enterprises in FinTech, Manufacturing and other industries.

In early 2020, Amatas reached out to Resolute Software for help with implementing technology that would support a streamlined, efficient sales process and eliminate many of the manual tasks which were impacting the Sales team’s performance.

“It’s critical to be able to identify potential customers and engage with them consistently, but our Sales staff didn’t have access to the right tools to make that happen.” said Boris Goncharov, Amatas’ CEO.

Goncharov evaluated numerous software engineering and consulting firms, but Resolute stood out in terms of its philosophy, principals and strategy.

“We had a negative experience with some other consulting companies before looking for a new partner. Our existing Salesforce implementation was functional, but it wasn’t solving our problems. We needed to be sure that the partner we brought in to help us had the right knowledge and skill set and understood our unique needs.”


Resolute Software streamlined all the sales processes, from prospecting to closing the deal by integrating some custom solutions:

  • Part 1: Developing a detailed action plan
  • Part 2: Implementing the core Salesforce functionalities
  • Part 3: Adding integrations with Zoominfo and Outreach
    After Resolute Software implemented the core functionality, they moved on to integrations to enable more efficient pre-sales processes. These included Zoominfo, a go-to-market intelligence solution, and Outreach, a sales engagement platform.
  • Part 4: Adding integrations with Docusign and Docusign
    Negotiate: After the integrations to support the pre-sales process were complete, Resolute integrated Docusign and Docusign Negotiate, fully digitizing the process of creating and sending out proposals and negotiating contracts.
  • Part 5: Automated Multi-Currency Exchange and Bonus System
    In addition to the Salesforce implementation and system integrations, the Resolute team implemented an advanced multi-currency management solution.


Resolute has provided tremendous value to Amatas by simplifying and streamlining the entire sales process from pre-sales through post-sales, eliminating hours of manual work and freeing up the Sales team to focus on revenue-generating activities rather than administrative tasks. Additionally, by implementing all of the critical sales solutions into Salesforce, data about customers and prospects is centralized and always up to date, which helps the Sales team be more effective and impactful with their communications.

“By automating the sales process end-to-end, Resolute has enabled our team to be much more productive and identify and reach out to leads proactively. We can jump on new sales opportunities before our competitors do, and continue to communicate with leads in a systematic, consistent way throughout the sales cycle. This provides tremendous competitive advantage.”

We forge open, long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

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We forge open, long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

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