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Women Leaders: Embracing Freedom to Experiment and Grow

31 August 2023

5 minute read

women leaders in resolute

At Resolute, we highly regard digital transformation and esteemed professionalism as invaluable assets. We take immense pride in encouraging a vibrant company culture. Our principles and philosophy encompass cultivating happy teams with the freedom to act. We possess excellent flexibility and resilience, maintaining a balanced 1:1 ratio of men to women in the company.

Today, we present five accomplished directors – remarkable women who adjust their leadership responsibilities with personal growth, professional advancement, and family commitments.

Maria Kovacheva, Director UX/UI Design:

With over 25 years of experience in the IT sector, Maria Kovacheva's journey has been an exciting story. Her days are as dynamic as they are colorful. Guided by the tenet of "work hard and play hard," she orchestrates a harmonious symphony of work dedication and personal pursuits – from a ceramics course to books and concerts.

What makes a woman a good leader?

Empathy, respect, motivation, and inspiration are our bedrock. A woman's leadership can radiate through a gentle yet impactful approach. The ability to delegate, provide support, and sustain consistency is essential. Patience, tranquility, and synergy are the main points for our team. By nurturing these traits, we can enhance our professional skills and unleash our creativity.

What does being a part of Resolute mean for you?

Resolute empowers me to transform my knowledge into tangible action. The diversity of industries and projects we engage with is stunning. I have a sense of autonomy and unwavering support within the company. Working alongside professionals propels my development – a realm of boundless potential. Strong teams catalyze a thriving company.

Denitsa Kostova, Director Marketing & PR:

Denitsa Kostova's long corporate journey in different roles encourages her to develop in marketing leadership. The startup landscape, however, has captured her heart. "Joining Resolute is my paramount professional decision.", she says.

What makes a woman a good leader?

Adaptability, resilience, and caring for people. Also, critical thinking and curiosity. I always listen very carefully to what people say. I ask the right questions and act decisively. I cultivate my curiosity through conversations, reading books, and podcasts. I am an early adopter of all new technologies and live in the future. Learning is a long process, and I encourage my team at Resolute to build a routine to incorporate it into their daily lives. Curiosity creates the right foundations for adaptability, making a leader more resilient.

What does being a part of Resolute mean for you?

Resolute empowers me to innovate, experiment, and weave flexibility and creativity into my endeavors. The most valuable thing for me is the people I work with - the right environment where everyone moves forward together. So, surround yourself with the right people!

Velichka Zhezheva, Director of Quality Assurance:

Endowing testing and technology with over 17 years of expertise, Velichka Zhezheva attributes her achievements to tireless dedication.

What makes a woman a good leader?

Great leaders have empathy and excellent communication skills. Crucially, a female leader motivates individuals, fueling their quest for excellence. Transparent communication, respect for diverse viewpoints, and a willingness to shoulder responsibility are essential. Best leaders guide through action rather than rhetoric. Their success is measured by fostering individual growth and embracing the lessons within mistakes.

What does being a part of Resolute mean for you?

Resolute allows me to develop my ideas. Here, I am empowered to engage in projects of public importance, employing cutting-edge industry technologies. I am encouraged to voice my perspectives openly, contributing to the company's evolution. Collaborating with individuals I deeply respect, and value is a privilege.

Nicoleta Lazarova, Director of Business Development:

Nicoleta has 15 years of experience in navigating the business development landscape. Her day is dynamic, including multifaceted roles. A parent, leader, colleague, and student, but her priority is always clear - the family. They are her source of energy for everything else.

What makes a woman a good leader?

These traits are universal, transcending gender lines. Swift adaptability devoid of complaints and a receptive outlook to new horizons. The unique insight to perceive nuances between stark contrasts. Exceptional leaders stoke motivation and provoke progress. Such attributes are rooted in self-awareness, discipline, and continuous self-improvement. This spirit resonates, attracting kindred spirits and birthing remarkable collaborations.

What does being a part of Resolute mean for you?

Instead of saying what it gives me, I will emphasize what it eliminates - the boundaries. Every colleague contributes their experiences, knowledge, and even intuition. Breaking down these barriers is a natural facet of the Resolute experience.

Silvia Alexandrova, Service Delivery Director:

Silvia Alexandrova believes that her greatest success is yet to come. She has 12 years of experience in Service Delivery and Project Management. She always plans the schedule for the day and clears her mind with yoga and walks.

What makes a woman a good leader?

A female leader can listen with empathy and strategically prioritize objectives. This perspective empowers us to approach situations from multifaceted angles. Exceptional leaders stimulate their teams, guided by self-awareness and unwavering discipline. Focus, transparency, and honesty drive me in my purposes.

What does being a part of Resolute mean for you?

Resolute gives me clarity of vision and ambition. Our work encompasses global clients from diverse industries, united by a collective commitment to socially impactful solutions. This unity and focus on realizing the client's vision underscores our successes.





Kameliya Dineva
Kameliya Dineva

Kameliya is an experienced communication consultant and content creator. She is passionate about event management, copywriting, and PR. For about 8 years in the field, she has worked in various industries, where she successfully helps companies with their communication strategies and brand positioning.

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