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Resolute Celebrates Third Consecutive "People First Company" Win

15 September 2023

4 minute read

Resolute celebrates People First Company award

Resolute, a premium software consultancy company, proudly announces its remarkable feat of winning the prestigious "People First Company" award for the third year in a row. This exceptional achievement underscores Resolute's unwavering commitment to fostering a work environment that prioritizes employee happiness, efficiency, and personal growth.
The "People First Company" recognition, awarded by Heartcount, is a symbol of excellence in organizational happiness. Heartcount's methodology, designed by the illustrious researcher and entrepreneur Alexander Kjerulf, is the ultimate business compass. It adeptly monitors the company's pulse, identifying weaknesses early and aiding in their prevention. Furthermore, it fosters a harmonious and positive working environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated.

The Methodology: Based on his research conducted among 2,500 people worldwide in 2018, Alexander Kjerluf points out three factors that are most important for people to feel good at their workplace. These are achieving results and progress, autonomy, and a good colleague relationship. The methodology is based on the periodic collection of survey opinions, to which the participants answer anonymously and without concern.
Every Friday, the employees receive a survey related to the current week. The survey consists of 3 questions, each of which can be generated by the platform or manually submitted by the company. A team of psychologists prepares the questions for Heartcount based on research in organizational psychology. They ensure to include essential factors that have been proven to be directly correlated with business performance.
This methodology is a tool for improving employee communication, keeping key talent, and increasing satisfaction.

Strategy for Unlocking Success

Resolute's commitment to employee happiness extends beyond the confines of the organization and directly impacts business efficiency. . The analysis and action take center stage once the survey results are in. Collaborating with our team managers, we dissect the findings, strategize, and chart a transformative course. We breathe life into change with agility and purpose, driving our organization forward on amplified efficiency.

This dynamic approach to nurturing employee contentment is an investment that pays rich dividends. Productivity soars, the spark of engagement ignites, and, most importantly, our shared business goals become sharper focused. Through this journey, we forge a path where a thriving workforce is the cornerstone of our success, a story we're thrilled to share with our valued business partners. Together, we ascend to new heights of achievement, driven by the synergy of happiness and efficiency.

"Resolute won its first "People-First Company" Award during its inaugural year. We had no idea we were participating in any rankings. We had started measuring how people feel so we could know and provide support accordingly. That was our motivation. Winning the award came as a big surprise at the end of the year and confirmed once again that if you do things right, recognition will naturally follow. That strategy we use internally with our teams and when working with business clients and partners, meeting every technical challenge with enthusiasm and dedication", says Hristo Georgiev, CEO.

Efficiency and Satisfaction Go Hand in Hand

Extensive global studies, including those by esteemed institutions like Harvard and Oxford, consistently demonstrate that happier teams are inherently more efficient. At Resolute, this holds, with an impressive 92% of employees reporting feeling good or excellent in their workplace and teams every month over the past year. "We're thrilled that even as we've doubled in size over the last year, we have kept the culture evolving in the right direction. It is always challenging to do that when you are scaling up. That is a testament to our core values and unwavering commitment to the people.

Motivated people are more productive and innovative, directly contributing to increased efficiency and improved business outcomes. That shows our results, which reveal that 96% of our employees find the projects they engage in both thrilling and profoundly meaningful. They recognize that they are at the heart of driving transformation for our business customers, positioning them as leaders in their field. This achievement is made possible through our commitment to digital modernization and the cutting-edge technologies we use", adds Hristo Georgiev, CEO.

The "People First Company" awards reaffirm our commitment to nurturing a workplace where happiness and satisfaction thrive, directly enhancing business efficiency. We eagerly anticipate continuing this journey, setting new benchmarks, and pioneering innovation while keeping people at the heart of everything we do.





Kameliya Dineva
Kameliya Dineva

Kameliya is an experienced communication consultant and content creator. She is passionate about event management, copywriting, and PR. For about 8 years in the field, she has worked in various industries, where she successfully helps companies with their communication strategies and brand positioning.

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