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UX Assessment

A report on the usability of your software. Delivered in a short time at a fair price.

We provide expert UX services, leveraging a well-established Agile-driven schedule. Building on the solid foundation of qualitative and quantitative research, along with UX best practices evaluation, our team of UX experts will meticulously track and identify the problems of your existing UX architecture and propose solutions backed by hard data and scientific analysis.

The UX assessment package we offer is an effective way to identify usability issues and map out the means to solving them. The UX assessment sets the stage for building future-proof, customer-centric user experiences.

  • A tailored user experience evaluation of your software applications completed in short order



Requirements collection

We meet online to document your initial requirements. We discuss the recruitment of usability research participants and scheduling of the interviews (up to five stakeholders). Once our experts collect your requirements, they’ll define the scope of the UX assessment project. By the end of the initial call, we will set clear objectives for the UX study and evaluation process. This kickoff meeting ensures that both sides have the same expectations with regards to identified opportunities and problems, considered user experience changes, and identified technical issues.


Online Call



Understanding users’ pain points is at the forefront of our research phase – the goal is to identify and verify the user persona’s actual behavior and journey in the application. We accomplish the objective by doing thorough research to collect insights, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

First, our UX experts schedule and conduct interviews with the selected stakeholders to gather insights which will serve as the foundation for the solution hypotheses. Next, we leverage quantitative methods to test if our newly-formed solution hypotheses will be confirmed by hard data.


Online calls and online surveys


A document with our findings from the interviews, along with the existing user journey blueprints.



We analyze the collected insights to validate the usability problems we have identified. In addition to the qualitative and quantitative research, our UX experts conduct a primary heuristic evaluation to inspect whether the application has been following usability best practices and to identify the top most severe UX issues.

Finally, our user experience experts synthesize the findings and methods used and recap their recommendations.


A detailed UX findings and recommendations report that includes:

  • Qualitative and quantitative research data analysis
  • UX best practices evaluation conclusions on the top 10 most pressing usability issues
  • UX recommendations which will serve as the keystone for the prototypes to come


Initial prototyping

To validate our findings and solicit further customer feedback, we create quick mock-ups that illustrate our proposal. Resolute Software’s UX experts employ a rapid prototyping approach to creating an incremental version of the existing application.

Prototypes can become more elaborate and involve more details as they progress.


Quick prototypes of a few scenarios that solve the identified problems



We present our recommendations, discuss alternatives, and map out the next steps.

Format —

Online meeting/call


The UX assessment document will also include a free scope and cost estimate of the project, should you decide to move on with implementing the recommendations.

Built-to-order, fundamental UX assessment of your application/product

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We forge open, long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

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