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Continuous Integration and Delivery

Automate your software engineering process to improve quality, speed up releases, and get faster feedback.


Integrate code, deploy and deliver regularly

Continuous integration and continuous delivery allow DevOps teams to deliver better quality code and develop software faster. Bridging the gap between development and operation teams, CI/CD automates the building, testing, and deployment of applications. During continuous integration, code is integrated into a shared repository, built, and tested using automation to improve your deployment pipeline.

In continuous delivery, validated code can be deployed to production automatically at any time. This approach leads to significantly reduced quality problems, as well as reduced overall time for product releases.

WHY? —

Better quality, greater visibility, faster feedback

Continuous integration and delivery accelerates the entire software development workflow, bringing in such engineering and business benefits as:

  • Transparency at every step of the development process helps organizations identify broken builds and failed automated tests quickly.
  • Increased team discipline thanks to mutually agreed on steps and processes.
  • Predictable and tension-free integration processes
  • Quality issues are identified and fixed before they get into production.
  • Reduced risk in delivering software to customers frequently
  • The removal of manual tasks minimizes the risk of human error.
  • Faster communication with decision owners. As CI/CD focuses on minimizing communication overhead, organizations can scale their development team’s efforts further and faster.
  • Assurance that every individual contributor’s code will seamlessly integrate with the rest of the codebase.
  • Product updates can be rapidly released and measured for success.


Ship new product regularly

According to Codefresh, nearly 32% of all developers do not use any CI/CD processes, and as many as 60% are using CI/CD ineffectively. Companies who have not implemented CI/CD tend to experience delayed releases, slower mean time to repair and recovery, developer burnout, and lag behind the competition. Continuous integration and delivery enable organizations to ship new product updates frequently and regularly. Companies benefit from CI/CD regardless of their industry, size, and structure. Continuous integration and delivery are essential in organizations which:

  • Build critical software in an active development cycle that must meet high-quality standards and aggressive timelines
  • Focus on long-term projects where the delivery process must be standardized
  • Build complex solutions with various tightly coupled components
  • Build solutions that bear a high risk of regressions
  • Need to unify the CI/CD process across product lines and divisions
  • Aim to establish high-quality software development standards
  • Maintain legacy software where the CI and CD processes need to be automated


What we offer

CI/CD 360 is a first-class managed continuous integration and continuous delivery solution. We start by assessing your CI/CD readiness and map out the transformation of processes necessary to ensure a smooth transition for your organization. Next, we implement the CI/CD pipeline(s) and provide comprehensive, continuous monitoring and optimization.

The following services will commence the onboarding process of CI/CD 360:

  • Study project systems, their core platform, as well as dependencies
  • Suggest most appropriate toolset based on project nature and business needs
  • Provide high expertise in multiple cloud services vendors, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc.
  • Design and architect end-to-end solutions for code integration, delivery, and deployment
  • Set-up solution components, such as build servers
  • Set-up end-to-end infrastructure based on Primary/Secondary nodes (Primary/replica architectures)
  • Create build pipelines, as well as introduce isolated build environments
  • Introduce managed, cloud-based automation services and set-up build scripts
  • Consult in finding the most appropriate deployment target based on project specifications and business needs, which includes but not limited to – cost-effectiveness, reliability, and scalability

With the CI/CD 360 Managed Services package, we assume an ongoing responsibility to monitor, manage, and resolve any issues that may arise:

  • Regularly inspect, monitor, and maintain build servers and environments
  • Identity and Access Management in Automation servers and environments
  • All-around tech maintenance including but not limited to – upgrading, testing, and validating used toolset
  • Perform critical security updates
  • Perform log analyzing and systems’ health checks
  • Clean-up build environments, optimize build and deployment cycles

We forge open, long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

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We forge open, long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

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