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UX/UI Design modernization process - FAQs

A good UX/UI design is a must for any successful software system, as it increases user adoption, enhances user experience and minimizes churn. Modernization of current UX/UI design might sound like a time-consuming process, yet its impact will extend far beyond making things look better. It will improve customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value, or in other words, the business results.

Maria Kovacheva
18 Aug 2021
7 min read
Maria Kovacheva
18 Aug 2021
7 min read

As we acknowledge how important it might be to undertake UX/UI design modernization as a next step for your business, we want to remove any ambiguity and answer a few questions that you might have.

Question 1: Is there such a thing as a "typical" UX design process?

There are certain steps and phases that we follow and call ‘ux design process’. They are related to defining the initial problem, gathering information, conducting in-depth research, analyzing the results, and based on them - providing a proper solution. However, this ‘typical’ process is different in terms of challenges for every specific client and their business.

The ideal design process includes:

  • Requirements collection
    First meetings to establish and document the client’s initial needs and requirements. We discuss the recruitment of usability research/interview participants and schedule interviews.
  • Research
    Our design-related research is focused on the user. The ultimate goal is to fully understand what adjustments need to be made in order to suit the user's needs.
  • Analysis
    Define a User Persona, Create Scenario maps, Create a User Flow - We analyze the collected data to validate the usability problems we have identified. Analyzing the audience and its behavior helps us create the typical User Persona profiles, which is important for the next UX design steps. The User Persona has specific skills, goals, motivations, and needs. We define all user goals based on product requirements and outline the steps to achieve each user goal as well.

Finally, we synthesize the findings and methods used and recap our recommendations. However, depending on the end results, the rules and the process change and one should try to adapt to the client’s needs.

Question 2: What information do you need from clients and stakeholders to modernize UX/UI design?

The most important thing is to understand the business, its products or services, so we can provide a better user experience and user interface. We will need information on the specific needs of users and what problems or challenges they face.

Also, we will require access to your internal system or screenshots, as well as an explanation of terms and relationships between the screens. This helps us get to know the product/system, the user types, and their main characteristics, as well as their workflow, issues, and missing solutions. It is important that we have a clearly defined main goal.

Question 3: What are the most common deliverables from UX/UI design efforts?

UX/UI design modernization can offer not only an analysis of the current end users’ issues but also an array of different end solutions. It can improve the general performance and business results in many aspects by acting upon a deeper understanding of the users’ needs, a more suitable approach to the business, and a whole new experience based on research and analysis of user’s psychology.

UX/UI designers spend years studying the psychology and behavior of consumers. It's their job to understand your business in a way that will help them figure out how to make the best user experience and have the best possible outcome for your business. They can give their outsider point of view on what should be improved, optimized, or changed.

Question 4: How much time is needed for a successful UX modernization?

Time is relative. It really depends on the complexity and the size of the project. The UX modernization has to be smooth, because existing users have pre-existing habits, that need to be improved, and users have to be led through to the new elements instead adequately and not drastically. It is a whole process that takes time to be fulfilled, but the results are never late.

Question 5: How can I estimate the cost of modernizing our UX/UI?

The price estimation has to take four factors into account - volume/goal/quality/time.

It is best to have a consultation with UX professionals, who can analyze the four factors for your project and make the optimal estimation.

Question 6: Can we do this alone, or do we need help with UX modernization?

UX modernization is an end-to-end process that needs the right professionals.

Companies might decide to take on such project alone; however, this often can lead to the consolidation of pre-existing mistakes or the creation of new ones. UX and development teams who understand the business and the final users’ needs from their perspective can help you see things from a different point of view and propose the best solution possible.

We understand that you probably have other questions and more specific ones in relation to your business, so we are here to help you!

What are the challenges that you are facing with your current UX/UI design?

Reach out to us to share them and learn how we can help you resolve them.

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