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Meet the resoluters: Silviya Aleksandrova, service delivery director

Kameliya Dineva
06 Dec 2022
3 min read
Kameliya Dineva
06 Dec 2022
3 min read
Meet The Resoluters Silviya Aleksandrova Service Delivery Director Resolute Website

Growing up in a teacher's family, she learned early on that acquiring new knowledge was the most important thing for her professional success. At university, Silviya discovered that programming was not her passion. She was interested in understanding the need for software products and how they benefit users. That pushed her to look for opportunities in IT.

She is passionate about exploring new areas, people, countries, and cultures.

Аbout the professional development of women in the 21st century, she says, "I believe that we already live in times where it is not surprising when a woman chooses the profession of programmer, pilot, or surgeon."

What was your first job?

Even in high school, I had an entrepreneurial spirit and many business ideas. I once made necklaces and bracelets and sold them to tourists. I also helped my grandfather harvest wine grapes. That’s how I earned money to buy my first computer.

My first “real” job was in the US, on a Work&Travel program. I worked as a sales consultant for two summers as a waitress and maid. It was a unique opportunity to be in the USA, and this experience made me realize I could count on myself. That’s when I also found out that my biggest passion is traveling.

How did you get started in IT?

I started my career in the largest online media in Bulgaria as an advertising agent. I worked with designers and programmers, and we developed websites. That’s when I realized I wanted to be on both sides of a project and get to know the developers and the users.

I continued my development in a product software company as a consultant and product manager and found my role.

What is your role in Resolute Software?

At Resolute, I am Service Delivery Director. I am responsible for building a team of Product Owners and Technical Project Managers.

"We help architects, developers, and UX/UI designers with an understanding of customer requirements."

What is Most Motivating and Exciting About Your Work?

I have the opportunity to understand and “embrace” the product’s vision, which is most satisfying for me. Interacting with all stakeholders allows me to turn my imagination into reality. All this is very stimulating and often makes my brain work at full speed.

"It is highly motivating to help customers improve their software products through modernization. At Resolute, we work with global clients from various industries offering socially meaningful solutions."

Meet The Resoluters Silviya Aleksandrova Service Delivery Director – IA

Who are your role models? What do you learn from them?

Everyone can learn something new from the people they meet, work, and communicate with. I sympathize with and admire the liberated spirit of Richard Branson.

My most important values are the willingness to share experiences, direct communication, and help others. I constantly strive to develop leadership, creativity, and adaptability.

What is the biggest challenge of being a woman in an IT company?

Being a woman in an IT company is relatively easy. The challenges are for anyone willing to evolve and adapt to modern technologies.

At Resolute, the ratio of men to women is 50/50, which shows that we do not accept stereotypes.

I work with great professionals with whom we share common values based on team spirit and the motivation to develop together.

What are your interests? How do you relax?

I like to travel, to be among relatives and friends. I love both the sea and the mountains. Swimming in the summer, hiking in the spring and fall and snowboarding in the winter. I wouldn’t say I like to sleep much, so even late at night, I watch movies and sports and read books. I like walking, listening to music, concerts, and singing for relaxation.

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