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Meet the Resoluters: Dimitrina Sirakova, Software engineer

Dimitrina is a software engineer. She finds working in IT exciting and challenging and loves her profession because it gives her satisfaction and freedom.

Kameliya Dineva
19 Jan 2023
0 min read
Kameliya Dineva
19 Jan 2023
0 min read
Meet The Resoluters Dimitrinka Sirakova, Software Engineer Open Graph

Dimitrina is a Software Engineer. She has been part of our team for a year and a half. She graduated from Microprocessor Technology at TMT, and then studied Automation, Information, and Control Technology at the Technical University - Sofia.

How did you get into the IT field? Is there a person who has input into this choice of yours?

My parents, especially my mother, led me to this field. My childhood dream was to be an architect, but one day she told me: “The future is in computers.” She was right. 

Being a software engineer gives me satisfaction and freedom.

Working in IT is exciting and challenging and allows me to learn new things daily and improve my work.

What was your first job?

I was 14 when I started my first job. I was a waiter at a restaurant in my hometown - Burgas. I had my first salary, and I was proud of myself. That summer was great!

What is your current role at Resolute? How would you explain your job to someone outside of your field?

I am a Senior Software Engineer at the Resolutes Blazor team. That is quite a challenge for me as I have no previous experience with .NET. My passion is JavaScript and CSS/SCSS but my colleagues helped me a lot to get on board!

What is most motivating and interesting about your work?

I am glad our field is developing so much. It has been happening very fast. That’s awesome because you can never be bored with such progress in the sector. The tasks we work on are various, and each one of them makes me want to find a solution.

It's like a puzzle - you can't wait to finish it and see the whole picture.

One of the clichés is that the IT industry is for men. How do you feel among your colleagues?

Actually, throughout my career, I have not come across this cliché. I have not encountered such understanding. I feel great with my colleagues, and I know I can count on each one of them. The feeling of such peace and security is genuinely satisfying.

What are your interests? How do you spend your free time?

I like to be with my family and friends. I also love to travel and I enjoy sharing moments with my loved ones.

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