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Meet the Resoluters: Denitsa Kostova, Marketing director

Denitsa is Marketing director at Resolute. She discusses challenges and misconceptions about marketing as just an “extra” to the company. Gain insights from an experienced marketing professional.

Kameliya Dineva
23 Mar 2023
5 min read
Kameliya Dineva
23 Mar 2023
5 min read
Meet The Resoluters Denitsa Kostova, Marketing Director

Denitsa is the Marketing Director at Resolute. She has acquired her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the IAE Lille Business University in France and a Master’s degree in International Business and Management from the Manchester Business School in England. She started her career path in the Management Consulting department of Deloitte Bulgaria and then worked as a Brand Manager in various corporations. However, she found her passion in start-up environments. The experience gained from Catalyx and her work at Resolute completely changed her perception of the role of marketing and the opportunities it offers for businesses.

When and how did you start working at Resolute?

I joined Resolute in a part-time capacity in 2020, and as of April 2021, I became an official member of the team. For those few years, we went through many challenges. As we have transitioned from the startup phase and entered the most challenging phase of growth, I’m thrilled to be a part of such an exciting journey. One of the best things about working at Resolute is that we are all growing together, and I’m excited about the future ahead!

Becoming part of Resolute was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

What are your responsibilities?

As the Marketing Director of the company, I am accountable for the marketing team and its growth. I am happy to say that we work with top performers who have a real passion for marketing and career progression. Every effort we make towards developing our team contributes to the overall success of the business.

In addition to managing the marketing team, a crucial aspect of my job involves digital marketing consulting to external companies including those within the Ocean Investments Group. This includes advice and marketing services to start-ups, particularly those in the conceptual or early stages of development.

Currently, we are actively seeking new talent for the Growth Marketing Manager role.

What projects are you working on, and which departments do you communicate with?

As expected, my marketing team is the one I work most closely with. We frequently collaborate with design and engineering teams, which provides us with opportunities to learn from each other. Our key focus areas are digital marketing strategies to improve overall brand awareness and employer branding, implementing lead generation strategies, auditing marketing processes, brand building, and more.

How does a typical workday go?

My day starts early and runs through a lot of meetings and conversations. We actively discuss case studies, brainstorm, and strive to apply the collective knowledge we have in the team in the most effective way.

The official workday ends around 17.30 pm, I close the laptop and pick the kids up from kindergarten - the more challenging part of the day begins. Time with my kids is very important. I think I learn just as much from them as I do from my work.

What skills and qualities are needed to work in marketing?

Quick thinking, can-do attitude, adaptation, communication, proactivity, teamwork, and my favorite quality - being able to actively listen. I often tell my team that everyone manages their own career and has a choice - to stay in their comfort zone or to develop, to search, to find. The comfort zone is a very nice thing, but is it the best for us as professionals?

What do you do to develop your knowledge and qualifications?

I listen to a lot of podcasts and e-books on Blinkist. I read articles from international publications and download whitepapers on topics that interest me. When I have an interesting interlocutor, I don’t miss the opportunity to talk about innovation and business. The latter is my favorite because I am childishly curious, a quality I don’t want to lose.

What are the biggest misconceptions about this profession?

Marketing is not just an “extra” to the company. Marketing does not only deal with buying promotional materials and other paid advertising. Marketing is much more than that. If it is properly planned for the business, it can have an extremely powerful effect on the overall performance of the company. For instance, positioning is a crucial aspect of marketing that is often overlooked by companies at their early stages. By taking the time to understand industry-specific nuances, target personas, and their role in solving problems within the domain, businesses can effectively differentiate their brand or product from competitors. This differentiation is achieved by emphasizing unique features and benefits and has a higher likelihood of success.

What are the development opportunities at Resolute?

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving domain. Professions are changing. But what doesn’t change is the right mindset. We are looking for people who are passionate about marketing and eager to grow together with us.

Starting with a marketing team during the early stages of a company's development increases the likelihood of understanding the target audience and developing effective strategies to reach them, regardless of the outcome.

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