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Press Release: Resolute Software expands partnership with Progress by adding MOVEit consulting services to its portfolio

Nikoleta Lazarova
22 Jun 2023
2 min read
Nikoleta Lazarova
22 Jun 2023
2 min read
Press Release Moveit

By adding Progress MOVEit consulting and enterprise services, Resolute Software aims to help clients streamline their processes and enhance their data security.

[Savannah, GA, 22 June 2023] - Resolute Software, a prominent provider of software development and consulting services, is pleased to announce the expansion of its partnership with Progress, a global leader in application development and digital experience technologies. This expansion includes the addition of MOVEit consulting to Resolute Software’s growing service portfolio.

MOVEit effectively addresses the file transfer challenges businesses face. The application enables secure and reliable exchange of sensitive data with partners, clients, and stakeholders, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and safeguarding privacy.

Resolute Software is committed to supporting clients in maximizing their use of MOVEit through a comprehensive range of services. These include cloud deployment, cloud operations, and enterprise support. With a team of highly skilled professionals, Resolute Software offers help for reinstalls, critical security updates, supervision, performance monitoring, and guidance to optimize the utilization of MOVEit’s capabilities.

Furthermore, Resolute’s team possesses the expertise to facilitate the seamless migration of applications and infrastructure to the cloud, overcoming the challenges associated with large-scale, multi-channel operations. They excel at enhancing clients’ MOVEit-based Managed File Transfer projects by meticulously selecting the most suitable computing, web infrastructure, and storage technologies that add value to businesses. Clients can leverage the application with a trusted partner, benefiting from end-to-end services, custom development, regular inspections, access management, proactive tech maintenance, thorough log analysis, and system health checks.

"We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Progress and introduce consulting services for MOVEit. With Resolute's extensive knowledge and vast experience with the Progress product portfolio, clients can have confidence that they are collaborating with professionals who understand their unique business requirements." 

Hristo Georgiev
Co-Founder & CEO

Resolute is ready and excited to be able to provide exceptional MOVEit support, empowering businesses to streamline their processes, enhance security, and achieve their goals even in economically tough times. To learn more about how Resolute can assist you, get in touch here.

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Resolute is a leading software engineering and consulting company that helps organizations expand their digital footprint. With a passion for building sustainable, future-ready solutions, Resolute is committed to understanding clients’ requirements and ecosystems, making them the perfect technology partner. Resolute is part of Ocean Investments – an investment company focused on early-stage technology innovators in Europe, the USA, Africa, and Asia.

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