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Resolute Software honored with people first company award

Antonia Bozhkova
30 Jan 2020
4 min read
Antonia Bozhkova
30 Jan 2020
4 min read

Back in 1954, Peter Drucker, the legendary management consultant whose work has laid the foundations of the modern business, wrote: “The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer”. Almost seven decades later, great organizations continue to constantly measure customer satisfaction and re-imagine their approach to creating and offering value altogether. Today, customer experience and satisfaction are leveraged as a core competency and competitive advantage by many organizations. And while the B2B space somewhat lags behind when it comes to customer service, organizations that have already invested in customer experience are now successfully spearheading innovation and differentiation in their respective industries.

More importantly, “smart” companies have already correctly determined that customer experience closely relates to employee experience inside the company, as happy employees are eager to go the extra mile for their customers. It all starts with a great culture, one that empowers employees to thrive at work and become raving brand ambassadors.

We at Resolute Software have adopted a holistic approach to employee experience by focusing on all major ingredients that improve employee wellness and create a strong culture: from the recruiting cycle to onboarding, training and mentoring, to creating processes that empower employees to be independent decision-makers who can openly communicate with management, to rewarding their achievements and investing in their personal and professional development. First and foremost, employees are people, and we endeavor to help them be successful, happy, fulfilled, and excited professionally as well as personally. Creating a positive culture and valuing employee happiness have been principles since our inception.

It’s not easy to create a great company culture, despite the abundance of advice and best practices readily available. For us, it’s essential to know how our employees feel and what they think. We’ve been aiming to build Resolute Software around our people and show them every day that their happiness is vital to the organization.

Some of the practices that we employ that have not been widely documented on standard tips and tricks bundle blog posts include:

  • Solid assessment of employee fit during the hiring process
  • Continuous learning and development
  • Results-driven, meaningful work projects that positively influence customers and teammates
  • Coaching and mentoring at each level of employee professional development
  • Empowerment of team members to have the freedom to work on their own rather than micromanagement
  • Encouragement of building honest, personal connections with colleagues and having fun together
  • Offer unlimited work from home as we believe our team members can manage well their time and schedule
  • Celebrate our personal achievements and successes during our daily sync ups

A recent study finds that employee happiness is positively linked to three primary areas: achieving results through purposeful and enjoyable work, having the autonomy to choose when, where and how to work, and finally – building meaningful relationships with teammates.

“We have set out to build a culture that is strong in all three areas”, says Hristo Georgiev, CEO and Co-founder, Resolute Software.“ A work environment that nurtures trust and encouragement, the joy of working and having fun together is our credo”

Our efforts to build a happy and positive environment at Resolute have not gone unnoticed! We are super excited that less than a year after we opened for business, we were recognized by Heartcount as one of their top people-first companies. We are proud of all the work we’ve done since we started using Heartcount to take the pulse of our culture and team happiness. Most importantly, we are honored and humbled that Resolute team members believe that the management is not only listening to them and thinking about their needs but also acting on results and constantly trying to improve our company culture.

Heartcount, the tool we’ve been using to measure employee experience, is an AI-powered solution focused on discovering what employees feel and think in real-time. It measures happiness at work in a better way by tracking results and relationships in various categories such as personal fulfillment, progress, relationships with peers and managers, and so on. Many organizations have used Heartcount to improve their company culture and show employees that their voice matters.

This recognition is a great start to the new year for all of us at Resolute! It’s also a statement that we plan on keeping this course and strive to be always a people-first place where culture is central to doing business in general.

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