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From tools to hearts: The path to happiness and positive work culture

Kameliya Dineva
24 Apr 2024
4 min read
Kameliya Dineva
24 Apr 2024
4 min read

At Resolute Software, part of the bigger family at Ocean Investments, we're continuously learning and evolving as we navigate the landscape of employer brand management. Kameliya Dineva, our dedicated PR and Employer Branding Manager, together with Mira Tsvetkova, Employer Branding Manager, from Ocean Investments, offer a glimpse into the inner workings of our attempts to create a supportive and positive work culture. As we connect tools and heart, our modest goal is simply this: to create an environment where each team member feels valued, heard and empowered to grow. And while every award is a testament goes to the collective effort, we believe that our true achievement lies in each happy face at Resolute. 

Who is responsible for employer communication and branding in your company?

Mira: At Ocean Investments's group level, we boast exceptional professionals dedicated to nurturing employer branding. Our PR, marketing, and HR teams spearhead the day-to-day operations and strategies and foster a sustainable, positive work environment. Additionally, this year saw the inception of our ambassadors' club, comprising 15 internal brand ambassadors from every company part of the group. With their help, we managed to involve all our colleagues in various initiatives even better. This helps us better communicate the company's values and philosophy.  

What methodologies, toolsets, and expertise do you leverage, and which prove most efficacious?

Kameliya: At Resolute, our employer branding strategy combines processes, metrics, creativity, and continuous enhancement. It's paramount that our colleagues resonate with the company culture. This synergy helps to cultivate our internal values. 

We deploy various analytical tools, including social media metrics, media planning, surveys, and research, to paint a complete portrait of our appeal as an employer. We also collect feedback and data from our HR and marketing departments, which gives us the best view of our strengths and areas for growth.  

However, the expertise, knowledge, and skills would only be something with the sincere and genuine commitment of the employees. That is one of the things we are most proud of at Resolute. And time has proven it. We have won the HeartCount “People First Company” award for three years in a row. That is a non-applicable prize, awarded based on annual results from weekly peer survey  through the HeartCount platform. That is the tool we use, and it works perfectly for us. 

The independent awards accurately measure our work, not only in employer branding but also as a business. Last year, Resolute won a bronze in the “Company of the Year”  category at the Stevie® International Business Awards and a “Company to Watch” award from Deloitte. That is a big testament to our profound contribution to the world of technology. These accolades underscore our exponential growth, exceeding 400% over the past quadrennium. 

We perpetuate this enthusiasm for work by fostering a stimulating environment and curating like-minded individuals. Our recruitment processes focus on not just attracting candidates but also discovering talent. High-level experts with knowledge and a passion for development carry our values ​​and philosophy in their hearts. 

Could you spotlight specific projects or campaigns you deem successful, and how do you gauge their efficacy?

Mira: For us, success is not just numerical metrics and data analysis. It's measured by the smiles on our employees' faces. Our aspiration is for our workforce to grow, resonating with our core values—health, happiness, freedom, righteousness, and friendship. 

Soon, we're building a health center that will deliver medical care to all employees and their families. We regularly host speakers and experts, infusing wisdom and encouraging self-care among our teams. Our daily endeavor revolves around nurturing a culture of positivity, with office happiness as a key performance indicator. 

 In 2023, we embarked on a journey of compassion, making a significant impact on the lives of underprivileged children. We rallied our resources and raised funds for specialist kinesitherapists to participate in a course based on the globally recognized 'Voita' rehabilitation principle. This was the culmination of a series of initiatives that we are immensely proud of. 

Recently, special attention has been paid to "Inward Employer Branding". Is such a focus necessary?

Kameliyа: It has always been paramount for a successful organization to take care of its employer brand. This cannot happen unless it starts from within; the focus here is significant. 

An organization's ethos concerning employee welfare, development, and engagement permeates its external facade. At Resolute, happy employees naturally share their positive experiences, boosting our reputation on social media and elsewhere. Putting our staff first is crucial; a good image means little if our employees aren't happy. 

Internal employer branding fosters a positive atmosphere and genuine employee engagement. When people believe in our mission and values, they're more motivated and productive, reducing turnover and attracting talented individuals. 

A strong internal culture transforms a company into an attractive workplace, enhancing our appeal to potential hires and driving our success forward. 

What initiatives are you currently running or planning?

Mira: Our newest Ocean project aims to improve our workplace. We teamed up with famous artists to turn our office into a vibrant “gallery”. We want to create a welcoming atmosphere where our team feels comfortable and energized. We chose to decorate each of the five conference rooms with one of the respective values, each with its unique feel. Thanks to these artists, our office combines a professional vibe with urban style. Starting in February, we'll kick off ten live streams focusing on the importance of righteousness, as one of our core virtues. We want everyone worldwide to join in and, eventually, make a big impact. Our leadership's dedication plays a significant role in shaping our employer brand. 

Meanwhile, at Resolute, we monthly host “Personal Development Talks” with experts in various fields, such as health, sports, culture, and psychology. These talks are open to everyone in the Ocean Investments group and promote continuous learning and growth. 

In 2024, Ocean Investments and Resolute will unveil initiatives brainstormed by our employees and ambassadors, emphasizing transparency and teamwork. This collaborative spirit is what drives our success together. 

Resolute team

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