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Feeling above and beyond happy at Resolute Software

Being happy at work is not just about the social benefits, the salary or the bonuses. It is more about the team spirit, how employees are treated and cared for and the reliability the company offers.

Evelin Georgieva
23 Jun 2022
2 min read
Evelin Georgieva
23 Jun 2022
2 min read
Feeling Above And Beyond Happy At Resolute Software Heartcount Resolute Website

Work satisfaction is a multi-component effort and we, at Resolute Software, do our best to make sure that we not only achieve this goal but also go above and beyond it.

How did we do that in 2021?

Different approach to common measures

COVID-19 pandemic and social isolation for about two years have had an extraordinary global impact. Our mental health was affected in a situation of many uncertainties – changes in our daily lives, feeling of loneliness, job losses, and financial difficulties. We wanted to take care of our employees and make sure we all look after our bodies and minds. An additional internal service has been set up during the pandemic to ensure that every employee can rely on mobile tests, medicines and medical care. We wanted our employees to feel secure and supported. We provided prepaid medicines from our suppliers and bought oxygen concentrators and oximeters to give for free when needed. Medical workers were hired internally, and we collaborated with laboratories for mobile testing of employees with symptoms. We set up a 24/7 medical hotline for all team members experiencing virus symptoms and needing immediate consultation. We wanted to give our team peace of mind by providing all the necessary resources they might need in a challenging situation.

Going above and beyond ourselves

In 2021 we’ve taken the steps to develop ourselves further as people, as teams, and as professionals. We all entered a “better self” challenge, in which we constantly strive to thrive physically, psychologically and emotionally. We also started an internal project called “Team Ready” with the aim of always being prepared in case of emergencies. All participants develop habits and skills in various trainings, seminars and courses.

Happiness is our main KPI

One thing we never hesitate to do is go above and beyond when it comes to creating synergized, happy teams. Our hiring process is unique for the Bulgarian market, and it starts with a genuine psychological study. With such an approach we find the right fit for our teams and do team engineering based on real data. It is important for us to determine the compatibility of characters, principles, and values within the team. The applicants go through an IQ, EQ (emotional intelligence), behavioral and personality test, as well as a human design profile analysis. We also constantly monitor satisfaction and use the data to check on progress, cross-company relationships, and our team’s personal fulfillment quickly and anonymously.

Happy teams create far better results. A career path is not an individual route only and we, at Resolute Software, are on the way to going above and beyond that! See more about our career opportunities and be part of the happiest team.

Creating happy teams is a mission of our group of companies, all part of Ocean Investments. We are dedicated to making the workplaces feel like home for our big family.

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