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Empowering engagement: The story of #ResolutersDrivenByValues

In the dynamic landscape of modern workplaces, where values guide organizations toward their goals, Resolute stands as a beacon of authenticity and commitment. At the heart of our success lies a profound belief in the power of our core values – Health, Happiness, Freedom, and Togetherness. With them, we not only shape our culture but also drive our collective achievements. 

Kameliya Dineva
20 May 2024
3 min read
Kameliya Dineva
20 May 2024
3 min read

Resoluters Driven By Values is our latest campaign, in which we show our dedication to fostering communication and organizing initiatives centered around our core values. In this way, we show how much our values ​​unite us. We created an even more positive environment and became not just good colleagues but friends. We found new entertainment and raised the collective work spirit.

Fun and fulfillment: Embracing unity through play

Our project started with a clear objective—to elevate the visibility of our core values and generate deeper connections with our team members. We recognized that natural engagement stems from personal ownership. That is why we endeavored to empower everyone to support or organize initiatives aligned with their interests and our values. 

With the unwavering support of our HR and Employer Branding teams, we embarked on a journey to inspire our workplace with the spirit of Resoluters Driven By Values. The main idea for this campaign was to infuse playfulness into our communication strategy. We avoided traditional approaches in favor of personalized challenges tailored to each colleague's interests and hobbies. By transforming these challenges into opportunities for shared experiences and genuine connections, we aimed to strengthen our team bonds and foster a sense of community. 

Inside out: Deeping connections through play

At last year's Resolute team-building event, every colleague received a special gift designed just for them and a fun challenge based on their interests and hobbies. The challenges didn't have clearly defined rules. We asked colleagues to share their interests with us, and they could choose how to do it.  

The primary goal was strengthening our team bonds by fostering a sense of community resonating with our values. This approach was the foundation of our Resoluters Driven By Values campaign, infusing a sense of fun and excitement into our communication strategy. By transforming these activities into enjoyable opportunities rather than obligatory tasks, we aimed to create a lively atmosphere that would nurture shared experiences and authentic connections.   

Externally, our campaign served as a window into Resolute's fantastic company culture, showcasing our collective identity and work environment. Leveraging social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, we shared photos and videos of completed challenges, providing insight into our dynamic workplace and attracting A players to the team. 

The Four Pillars

Let's take a closer look at what events our Resoluters organized and how we had fun throughout the year based on our values. 


Health - Colleagues passionate about sports and healthy lifestyles organized events where they prepared nutritious snacks and delightful healthy desserts. They foster discussions on nutrition and methods to improve our dietary habits. Also, a yoga instructor on the team organizes weekly yoga sessions to help us relax and reduce stress. Nearly half of our office actively participated in these mindfulness sessions.  


Happiness - During our #DrivenByValues initiatives, we played board games, went to escape rooms, learned to knit, and had fun. Here is the best part—one of our talented programmers composed a heartfelt song dedicated to Resolute and its remarkable people. Now, it's a favorite song that everyone dances and sings together at gatherings.  


Freedom - Embracing freedom isn't just about what we do or say; it's also about finding joy in nature's embrace and feeding our spirits. So, our colleagues who love nature and enjoy hiking arranged refreshing walks in the mountains and peaceful treks through the forest. Also, we fostered physical well-being through periodic running in parks.  


Togetherness - United by a spirit of friendship, we engage in diverse activities that strengthen bonds and spark new interests. Colleagues with diverse hobbies generously shared their passions, inviting us to immerse ourselves in their worlds. From visiting captivating theatre productions to organizing various donation campaigns, we embrace the joy of shared experiences and gestures of kindness. Because we believe that if you want to be happy, you should try to make someone else happy. 

The results: Inspiring growth

The response to our initiative was overwhelmingly positive, with 75% of colleagues completing their challenges and contributing to over 20 initiatives. Through shared experiences and meaningful connections, we strengthened our relationships and reinforced our collective sense of unity. 

Recognizing their dedication, we have appointed internal ambassadors for each core value, entrusted with preserving our values through diverse events and engaging conversations. Our office culture has blossomed as we gather more frequently for collaborative and enjoyable activities, underscoring our commitment to cultivating a vibrant workplace environment. 

The Resoluters Driven By Values campaign is a testament to our commitment to fostering a culture of purpose and connection. We elevate a brighter, more fulfilling future by embracing our core values and empowering the team members to share their hobbies authentically. 

Resolute team

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