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Consulting tips – Knowledge straight from the source

Kameliya Dineva
03 Nov 2022
4 min read
Kameliya Dineva
03 Nov 2022
4 min read
Consulting Tips – Knowledge Straight From The Source Resolute Websitе

Solving complicated cases is a trademark of Resolute, and complex projects are our favorite ones.

The more the experience, the more natural it is to reach a point where you start solving problems with repeating patterns. Many of these are workable solutions regardless of the customer's business or technology. Thus, the idea of creating "Consulting tips" was born - a place where we can share our know-how and pass it on.

Yana Vasileva, Senior UX/UA Designer, and Veli Pehlivanov, CTO at Resolute, talk about what was learned, tested, and works flawlessly for every business.

What exactly are consulting tips, and what can you learn from them?

Veli Pehlivanov: In short, Consulting tips are knowledge from the source. We have a vast background in digital modernization, UX/UI design and software development. Our colleagues have over 260 years of technical experience, and we continue accumulating expertise. We have found practical models, solutions, and approaches that proved to work in specific scenarios. Because of that, I believe any shared knowledge in the field is valuable.

We share it with the rest of the world to help those who are facing similar problems.

What is the most valuable thing you can share from your consulting experience?

Yana Vasileva: If we were a product company, we would work on one or two frameworks and develop our knowledge only in this niche. However, as consultants, we have different skills and experiences in various industries. That enriches our know-how and makes us experts in diverse fields. We don’t just know how to create software; we know the technologies we work with and understand the business and its problems in depth.

"We know how to use technology and creative design processes to find the best solution for the client. That is what we want to share through Consulting tips."

Yana Vasileva: One of the most important things is to spend time and effort understanding what problem you must solve without looking for a short-term solution. It is essential not to be afraid that you will propose something wrong. You must know it is not an instant process and it needs understanding and patience.

Also, helping customers and educating them on what’s important to their business is essential. Thus, we gain more trust and understanding. Later, they discover other areas of their products that can be improved, and they engage us long-term, so we become partners, finding the best business solutions together.

What is the most challenging thing in consulting?

Yana Vasileva: One of the most challenging things is to convince the client you really understand their field. Sometimes they are not sure of the solution you offer, even though they have chosen your services. At this moment, we, as consultants, must persuade them why we chose a particular approach and architecture for their problem.

"The practical advice we present in Consulting tips is based on similar projects and experience. We talk about the best ways to tackle the challenge. We share the knowledge we build every day."

Veli Pehlivanov: The most challenging thing for me is understanding the client’s needs. Some of them come with a clearly defined problem, and we immediately manage to move to the software development phase, user interface design, or whatever is needed. However, the clients often have a vague idea of the problem. It turns out that companies know their symptoms but haven’t defined the real problem.

Here comes our expertise. Our consultants analyze the situation together with the client. We dig into the different roles and talk to user groups to break down the case and figure out what to optimize. Then, through business analysis and system design, we propose a software solution architecture that solves the problem. In that way, we add value and create positive change for the business.

Best of all, every single client we work with sees the added value we provide beyond software development. We are a supplier of software as well as a technical strategist for them. These clients trust us to manage the technological vision for their company in the long term.

You can now take a look at our compilation of consulting tips. We promise to update it every month with a new batch, so don’t forget to subscribe to get them first.
If you have a specific technology or software challenge, you’d like us to discuss, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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