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Code for health: Meet our programming team

Kameliya Dineva
30 May 2024
5 min read
Kameliya Dineva
30 May 2024
5 min read

Today, we're excited to introduce you to one of our top technology teams, including Borislav Kulov – Director of Software Engineering, Velichka Zhezheva – Director of Quality Assurance, Alek Hristov – Senior Software Engineer, Daniel Dimitrov – Engineering Lead, and Miroslava Ivanova – Senior QA Automation Engineer. They will share insights into their project, professional challenges, and team dynamics. 

How did your team come together? Describe the project you're currently working on.

Borislav Kulov: Several years ago, we embarked on a journey to modernize systems for a significant client in the healthcare sector. During this process, I identified an opportunity to enhance the reporting system for medical studies using scanners, ensuring seamless integration across different vendors' devices. Our project revolves around simplifying data entry into our client's database through a specially designed software solution. We prioritized an intuitive design, helping medical professionals to input patient information effortlessly with just a few clicks. By digitizing workflows, our software eliminates manual processes, offering speed and affordability. Upon presenting this concept, our client embraced it, forming our dedicated team, which now includes 15 experts. We operate in small sub-teams, each fully integrated into our client's projects, contributing to the development of tailored solutions across four distinct teams. Today, you'll meet one of these teams. 

Introduce your team - how many specialists are you, and what do you do?

Velichka Zhezheva: Our team contains a Product Owner, Technical Lead, Scrum Master, Software Engineers, and Quality Assurance Engineer, each with over five years of specialized experience. We synergize our strengths effectively to achieve optimal outcomes. Operating under the Scrum methodology, we enjoy self-organization autonomy, ensuring efficient goal achievement. During PI Planning sessions, the Product Owner traces priorities, fostering collaborative discussions on task sequencing, dependencies, and risk mitigation strategies. Our sprint kickoffs involve detailed planning and goal setting, followed by focused execution. Sprint conclusions are marked by comprehensive reviews with stakeholders, facilitating feedback incorporation and continuous improvement. Regular retrospective meetings foster open communication, enhancing team cohesion and trust. 

What projects are you currently engaged in, and what technologies are you using?

Alek Hristov: We are working on two healthcare-focused projects: a mobile web application deployed in global hospitals and a data aggregation and visualization platform. Our tech stack spans various phases of software development, including Node.js Backend, Angular Frontend, Kendo UI for visualization, ArangoDB with Foxx Microservices for database management, and Git for version control. We employ Cypress and Polarion for testing to ensure robust code quality, with Jenkins facilitating CI/CD automation. Our design process is streamlined through Figma while complying with Agile practices, including SAFe. Jira and Confluence facilitate seamless project management and documentation, delivering high-quality software solutions. 

How do you collaborate within your team, and what is your office culture like?

Daniel Dimitrov: At Resolute, we embrace a hybrid work model, with team members coming together  in the office twice a week. Our modern office space fosters creativity, featuring big meeting rooms and recreational areas. We cherish live interactions as a motivation for fostering genuine connections within the company, nurturing a community where diverse ideas thrive. At Resolute, we make sure everyone feels included and encouraged to join in. We listen to and value everyone's opinions. That's our office culture. 

With whom do you collaborate outside your team?

Miroslava Ivanova: Besides our primary team, we collaborate much with the business and UX/UI departments. Our close partnership with the UX/UI team ensures seamless integration of user-centric designs into our projects, enhancing usability and functionality. Additionally, we engage with the marketing team on various initiatives, leveraging our industry expertise to contribute to broader organizational objectives. These collaborative efforts enrich our projects and foster knowledge-sharing and professional growth. 

What activities unite your team outside of work?

Alek Hristov: Our team prioritizes bonding through shared experiences. Notable initiatives include our summer villas office, fostering friendship and deeper connections. Regular office lunches and weekly outings offer opportunities for informal interactions and relationship-building. We also engage in sports, hiking, and yoga sessions, promoting holistic well-being. Our monthly board game nights are fun for growing and strengthening team collaboration. 

This unique, Resolute culture extends beyond the workplace, fostering enduring bonds and a sense of belonging within our team. 

Resolute team

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