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Business is easy when you have a motivated team and your customers' trust 

Kameliya Dineva
17 Nov 2022
5 min read
Kameliya Dineva
17 Nov 2022
5 min read
Business Is Easy When You Have A Motivated Team And Your Customers Trust Resolute Websitе

In 2019 Hristo Georgiev, Veli Pehlivanov, and Atanas Simeonov founded Resolute Software, as part of the Ocean Investments family, with the philosophy that high expertise and quality services are the only way forward.

What makes Resolute different from other IT consulting companies?

Veli Pehlivanov: Resolute’s strategic vision includes the aspiration to become a long-term partner for our clients. We don’t just modernize software and build business systems architecture. We create added value right from our first conversations with the clients. We perform strategic business management and act as experienced technology consultants.

Оur future goal is to change the image of Bulgaria as an IT supplier. We want to show that we are a country with highly competent professionals.

How do you think digital transformation is developing in individual economic sectors? What is the experience and knowledge of your specialists about the specific problems and needs in these sectors?

Veli Pehlivanov: Health care, the financial and production sectors are some areas where we observe an increased implementation of modern technologies. Our previous experience at Telerik and Progress has helped a lot, and we know how to build modern user experiences applicable to any industry.

We have been modernizing legacy software systems and business processes to benefit the global healthcare, security, financial, and manufacturing sectors.

Your customers include Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and healthcare organizations. All of them are conservative in their vendor selection. How does a young company like Resolute earn its trust?

Hristo Georgiev Working with similar organizations and global companies requires us to prove that we are good at our job and earn their trust by showing expertise, results, and knowledge.

When working with clients, we start with a smaller project and then build long-term relationships. This approach is suitable not only for the companies but also for us. We want to feel cultural and technological compatibility with the customers.

Our engagement model is simple. We step into the depth of projects and establish ourselves as a reliable consulting team. Before that, customers test us, compare us to their other partners, and afterward choose us. That shows the level of our service is many times better.

"We win partnerships with attitude, high expertise, flexibility, and speed."

It's no secret that you've won Heartcount's "Happiest employees" award twice. How do you hire talent? What are Resolute's values and culture, and how do you communicate them?

Hristo Georgiev: Hiring talents in all Ocean Investments companies differs from others. Resolute as part of the group is no exception. We have one technical interview and several personality tests related to IQ, and EQ. That helps us to strive the compatibility between the members of each team. We value technical and business knowledge, communication ability, and critical thinking as equally important.

Veli Pehlivanov: Caring for people is of primary importance, and this reflects on their job satisfaction. We believe in creating delighted teams and finding like-minded people. Our mission is to not only work together but also have fun. We pay attention to many health-related activities - we have a personal trainer, nature walks, and yoga in the office. We maintain the team’s energy with frequent meetings and team-building events. People’s motivation is closely related to transparency in communication and with the modern technologies we use. That is how we build an exciting and challenging work environment.

In the past year, you have achieved significant success with a project in Healthcare. What was the solution?

Veli Pehlivanov: We created a mobile application that helps the end user access critical health information fast. The app was available at the beginning of the pandemic. It has been a huge success. The app had over 500,000 downloads and a 4.2+ rating in the first weeks of its release. Our partnership with this client continues. We are working on a project analyzing statistical data on global health topics.

Our contribution to healthcare does not stop there. We have created several developments for the Indian and Australian markets. We are focused on telemedicine, automatic diagnostics, and medical data processing.

How do you compete with the big software companies? How does the Telerik/Progress experience help you?

Hristo Georgiev: There is no such thing as “a small client” for us. That makes the difference between Resolute and other IT services. They have an interest only in large-scale deals. For us, it is not important how big the client is but how complex the case is. And that is not all. A company like ours has more operational flexibility. That helps us be faster in our negotiations with clients and reach a positive outcome for both parties sooner.

Veli Pehlivanov: The important advantage is the experience of our programmers, as well as their commitment. We have transparent and consistently built work processes. We invest a lot of time in understanding the client’s business.

"We put ourselves in their shoes and never provide "one-size-fits-all" solutions."

What we added from us is the startup mindset - flexibility, speed, and searching for the most working solutions. Resolute has taken the best of the corporation and a startup. Our secret ingredient is a focus on customer success. We work for the company’s long-term success and to improve the image of the entire Bulgarian IT ecosystem.

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