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Antoana Alexandrova, talent & culture lead at Resolute: fostering a culture of value, inclusion, and understanding

Kameliya Dineva
17 Oct 2023
4 min read
Kameliya Dineva
17 Oct 2023
4 min read

Antoana Alexandrova currently holds the esteemed Talent & Culture Lead position at Resolute Software, having joined the company two years ago. Her decision to become a part of the Resolute team was driven by her fascination with the company's mission and values. Without any doubts, she became a part of the Resoluters and embarked on a magnificent journey of growth.

How did your career begin?

My journey in HR began in a Dutch company, where I gained my first HR role. After two years, I had the privilege of working for a globally renowned brand, progressing through three different positions. I also pursued CIPD certification, laying a solid foundation that affirmed my passion for the field of HR.

What led you to become a part of Resolute?

I became a member of the Resolute team in April 2021 amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic. One day, I received a LinkedIn message from the CEO of an IT company that was unfamiliar to me. Hristo Georgiev, the CEO of Resolute, had reached out to me. We arranged a brief introductory meeting, which went exceedingly well. I successfully passed all stages of the hiring process.

"Over two years later, I still consider this the best professional decision I ever made. What indeed won me over at Resolute was the remarkable freedom we are granted."

Many aspects of my role here are new experiences, including the challenges, the diversity of projects, and the daily opportunities to unleash my creative and professional potential. Resolute offers an expansive platform for development and talent expression. Opportunities at the company abound whether you've been here for four months or four years.

What are your primary responsibilities in your current role?

My role revolves around fostering happiness, well-being, and a sense of belonging among our team members. The HR team strives to ensure everyone feels valued, heard, and understood. Our core significances of happiness and freedom are guiding principles we uphold daily. I actively nurture talent, craft new training programs and shape policies. I oversee the implementation of initiatives related to team building and other collaborative activities. If you can make your role appear effortless to others, you excel in that capacity.

Could you describe a typical day in your work life?

My days are incredibly diverse. While my calendar can be demanding, I balance meetings and project work. Each day entails numerous interactions with colleagues, pulse check-ins, and brainstorming sessions. A fulfilling workday involves focusing on critical projects while still finding time to connect with people and ensure that things progress positively.

What skills and qualities are essential for success in your profession?

Energy and enthusiasm are paramount, allowing you to inspire and uplift others. In this role, leadership is critical, including the ability to help team members align with the company's values. Communication skills and listening to people are required. This ability greatly contributes to motivating and maintaining a positive team spirit. Staying attuned to trends, nurturing a positive mindset, and feeling comfortable in your role is also crucial. Creativity is another vital aspect; the drive to generate ideas and involve others is significant. In terms of knowledge and skills, continuous learning and certification are invaluable. They demonstrate a commitment to personal growth and development.

"It's worth noting that being a ready-made specialist is optional; the desire to accumulate knowledge and grow is essential.  This is a principle we also apply to selection at Resolute. What is important is the attitude of the people. They need to be autonomous, we call them "A" players, flexible and proactive."

How do you stay current and enhance your qualifications?

Sustaining my knowledge relies heavily on the presence of inspirational leaders. I'm fortunate to be surrounded by professionals in the HR field and beyond who actively pursue their development. Training programs also play a vital role in my ongoing development journey. Recently, I participated in a Leadership Academy alongside numerous Resolute leaders. I also follow esteemed figures in the HR industry, including Francesca Gino, the author of "Rebel Talent" and a TEDx speaker, who is a constant source of inspiration. Other recommendations include Carol Dweck, Dave Ulrich, Meghan M. Biro's #Worktrends podcast, Alexander Kjerulf's "Happy Hour is 9 to 5," and Laszlo Bock.

Do you believe in work-life balance, and if so, how do you achieve it?

I believe in the concept of work-life balance, which is readily achievable for me. When you enjoy your work, achieving this balance becomes second nature. There are moments, such as during team-building activities, when work and personal life intertwine. However, I don't perceive these as work-related engagements. Instead, they bring immense satisfaction because I spend time with colleagues, enjoy shared experiences, and contribute to a close-knit community.

I no longer view work as a 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. commitment. Flexibility at Resolute is our foundation for providing peace of mind and freedom.

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