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The PM’s guide to modernizing UX/UI design in Healthcare

Maria Kovacheva
3 min read

This guide is based on our own experience working with major Healthcare providers and will give you a valuable overview of:

  • What end-users expect from a well-designed healthcare application
  • What your main objectives in UI/UX design should be Real-life
  • Examples and visualizations from our practice

Knowing these will potentially save you hundreds of man-hours and significant expenses.

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Table of contents

UX and UI design in healthcare has a set of objectives that need to be met to ensure that end-users, like medical personnel on different levels and with varying inputs, will make the best use of the system.
In the course of our work with providers of healthcare systems, we have identified several UX and UI-related pain points that end-users frequently experience. We examine what stands behind these pain points and will provide ideas on how to solve them.

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check out

The PM’s guide to modernizing UX/UI design in Healthcare

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