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The 360-degree guide to building a mobile app with React Native   

Georgi Ignatov
3 min read

React Native is not the universal answer for all mobile app development problems. This paper discusses the business scenarios where React Native is a great fit and also touches on cases where the technology might not be the best choice. It will also guide you through selection, validation, and the four-stage process of bringing a mobile app to market.

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Table of contents

In this chapter, we delve into the origins of React Native, exploring its historical roots and the driving factors behind its inception.
React Native isn’t a panacea for all mobile app development problems. You should only use it if it addresses your specific needs and challenges. We’ll dig into the specific use cases in this chapter.
In this chapter, we provide a few reasons why the technology is suitable for certain types of apps.
This section will go through the step-by-step process of developing and launching a successful mobile app. The team of mobile app development experts at Resolute uses a proven four-step method for building mobile apps with React Native. Let’s have a look at it

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The 360-degree guide to building a mobile app with React Native   

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