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Modernization Assessment

We provide a comprehensive evaluation of your software development strategy and software product architecture in short order at a fair price.

The journey to digital transformation requires dedication, streamlining of resources, and internal buy-in. The most critical step is the first: understanding what digital transformation and legacy IT modernization means to your organization.

  • Clear service deliverables: an in-depth report on the current state of your software systems
  • Complete documentation of your product architecture and applications
  • Fixed cost and transparent timeframes
  • No strings attached: no hidden clauses that bind you to our services for the implementation phase
  • Documented findings and recommendations that help you justify the need for legacy modernization to your internal stakeholders



Together, we define the business goals for the modernization assessment

We identify the forces driving the need for change through kickoff meetings with your stakeholders. With these initial conversations, we gain understanding in your domain, priorities, and concerns, and how the assessment can help your organization achieve its long-term vision. We outline the restrictions and requirements that may impact the modernization assessment, ensure we have aligned on the desired outcome and clarified the criteria for success of the project.


Online Calls & Meetings


Executive Overview


We assess the current state and document the architecture of applications

Our experts partner with your team to begin assessing your environment. First, we determine the high-level scope and the critical functional areas that need to be modernized. At this point, our team conducts a series of technical calls to gain insight into your software architecture and technologies used, from various perspectives:

  • System functionality and critical capabilities
  • User behavior, patterns, and future requirements
  • Deep dive into the ecosystem’s components:
    • System architecture
    • Technology layers
    • Storage technologies
    • Deployment infrastructure
    • Frameworks
    • Programming languages
    • Tools and services
  • Third-party integrations, interfacing with external systems
  • Security, permissions, and licensing

Next, through online meetings with your experts and research of your system architecture, source code, application user interfaces, and third-party components, our team compiles a systemized report of technical findings that will serve as the foundation for a tailor-made modernization path for your organization.

Once all technical findings get documented, we hold another online meeting to present and validate our analysis and identify further areas to explore. At the end of this second phase, our team documents all technical details and analysis and presents them to you for validation and approval.


Online Technical Calls/Meetings


Complete documentation of all products and applications. A detailed report on all technical findings.


We make recommendations based on gap analysis and roadmap design

In phase three, our team will reveal the gaps within your existing environment and put together an action plan for a modern system architecture that:

  • Preserves all critical features and capabilities from the existing system
  • Leverages a modern, future-proof technology stack that fits the organization’s long-term vision
  • Minimizes disruption in customer experience, established user patterns and expectations

We present a final draft to the customer to gather last bits of feedback and fine-tune the modernization assessment report. The report features a high-level, iterative software development strategy proposal that enables the release of key new and modernized existing functionality to the install base frequently.


Online/On-site Meeting


Final report including all technical findings, gap analysis, and recommendations.


As part of the modernization assessment package, our team will provide an outline of the next-stage “proof of concept” project that aims to validate the proposed new architecture and development process. This outline will include scope, costs, resources needed, and a tentative timeframe.

Get a detailed evaluation of your existing software development strategy and product architecture delivered by a team of experienced professionals in short order and fair price.

We forge open, long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

Let us do great work together

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We forge open, long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

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