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Back your business decisions with hard data and an actionable roadmap

Why do the assessment?

In an effort to become agile, reduce maintenance costs and enable lean operations, organizations often forget that the most critical considerations when embarking on a journey to the cloud should include a comprehensive business case analysis, encompassing the total cost of ownership, cloud readiness assessment, and the design of a migration plan that aligns with your organization’s business priorities.

We conduct professional assessments to determine a customer’s readiness for cloud migration. Such an analysis not only translates into a seamless cloud migration process, but it also provides the clarity an organization needs to plan their budgets and costs. We believe that the migration to the cloud is a business strategy, rather than a mere IT strategy, and as such, it should provide a business-driven decision framework and an actionable roadmap.

Our cloud readiness assessment transforms your idea of moving to the cloud into a solid plan that justifies the decisions and outlines the sequence of the events that should occur.

Our Approach

Our experts conduct the cloud readiness assessment by taking into account key business and technical factors:

  1. Critical functional capabilities of existing systems
  2. Applicability of existing technological assets
  3. User behavior and expectations
  4. Cost of migration
  5. Need for application redesign
  6. Customer’s performance and availability requirements
  7. Customer’s security and privacy requirements
  8. Regulatory requirements

Step 1: Through conversations with your subject matter experts, we gain a 360° view of your environment, including servers, workloads, utilization metrics, storage, and interdependencies.

Step 2: Next, we focus on evaluating the gathered insights. The result is a gap analysis that helps us understand what applications to retain and which ones to re-host, refactor, re-platform, or re-architect. We also study non-functional aspects such as security, resilience, storage, on-going maintenance, and cost of operation.

Step 3: Finally, we present our findings and recommendations, discuss alternatives, and map out the next steps together.

Resolute Software’s cloud readiness assessment is the right start to a successful and cost-effective cloud migration that meets your organizational requirements and supports future growth.

A custom-built cloud readiness assessment delivered by a team of experienced professionals in short order and fair price.

Partner with us

Partner with us

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