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Extend market reach through inclusive user experience: Resolute’s web accessibility assessment

Yana Vasileva
21 Dec 2023
4 min read
Yana Vasileva
21 Dec 2023
4 min read

Web accessibility is increasingly becoming the standard for public and governmental web service providers. Users worldwide are used to accessing web content in different environments and situations, using a broad range of devices. However, creating an accessible website or application requires a good deal of expertise in following the official guidelines and writing the front-end code.

Assessing web accessibility as the first step toward optimization

Many organizations fail to design their digital products and services with accessibility in mind. However, it is possible to conduct a web accessibility assessment at any point and outline the main areas for optimization based on the business goals of the organization and the user needs. 

At Resolute, we work with our customers to understand which level of accessibility is necessary and feasible so that we can provide actionable recommendations on how to improve the user experience through WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Section 508 Compliance.

Which businesses need to be WCAG or ADA compliant?

According to the European Accessibility Act (EAA), some of the organizations that need to be compliant are:

  • government agencies
  • e-commerce platforms
  • educational institutions
  • healthcare providers
  • financial institutions
  • travel and hospitality businesses
  • vendors of legal and professional services

In the EU, the EAA is currently in the transposition phase and is scheduled to be fully implemented by June 2025. 

In the USA, the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Section 508 covers any company that does business with federal agencies and departments, which includes many of the businesses listed above.

If your product or service does not comply with the relevant regulations, users are encouraged to report problems and file lawsuits for discrimination.

Why aim for web accessibility if the law does not require it?

Many organizations are exempt from the legal requirements for web accessibility but can still benefit from investing in it.

Adhering to simple accessibility principles like using alt text or specifying the correct focus order of elements in your front-end helps to improve the technical SEO and rank higher in search engine results.

Designing with accessibility in mind improves the usability and the user experience, demonstrates corporate social responsibility, and improves the quality of your code. 

How can Resolute help?

Resolute has a team of experienced designers and developers committed to creating user-friendly, efficient, and accessible web products and services. 
We offer to assess the accessibility of your website or application and deliver a detailed technical report about the compliance alongside a summary report with recommendations for optimization.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you reap the benefits of web accessibility, we invite you to book a free consultation with our experts. 


Web accessibility is crucial for businesses to ensure equal access to their digital products and services for all users, including those with disabilities. Not only does it fulfill legal obligations for certain sectors, but it also enhances user experience, improves SEO rankings, and demonstrates corporate social responsibility.

Several industries are mandated to adhere to WCAG or ADA guidelines, including government agencies, e-commerce platforms, educational institutions, healthcare providers, financial institutions, travel and hospitality businesses, and vendors of legal and professional services. However, any organization aiming for inclusive digital experiences can benefit from compliance efforts.

Investing in web accessibility offers various benefits beyond legal compliance. It enhances usability and user experience, boosts SEO through improved technical elements such as alt text and proper focus order, showcases corporate social responsibility, and elevates the overall quality of code, contributing to long-term sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Resolute provides comprehensive services to assess and optimize website or application accessibility. Our experienced team offers detailed technical reports on compliance status and actionable recommendations for improvement. Through a free consultation, we can discuss tailored solutions to help your business achieve its accessibility objectives effectively. Get in touch now. 

Businesses can start by conducting a web accessibility assessment to evaluate current compliance levels and identify areas for improvement. Collaborating with experts like Resolute can streamline this process, leading to actionable strategies for enhancing accessibility. Additionally, fostering a culture of inclusivity within the organization and integrating accessibility considerations into design and development workflows are essential steps toward long-term success.


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