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Former Progress Creative Lead Named as
VP of Design at Resolute Software

by Hristo Georgiev, Co-CEO | 24 July 2019

Svetoslava (Sassy) Ilieva, one of the most respected and well-known designers in Bulgaria, whose work has been recognized many a time by the design industry, has been appointed VP of Design at Resolute Software. We are overjoyed that Sassy, as all friends and colleagues know her, is joining the Resolute team as she has got the competence and determination to bring our creativity and design vision to the next level of excellence.

Sassy’s passion for arts, technology, human-centered approaches, and modern design methodologies helped her quickly climb the career ladder to become Design Lead, heading the Customer Experience team at Progress. Her ability to tell consistent visual stories that excite and engage won her over 70 awards, from being featured in the “120 years of Bulgarian Art. Design” almanac to a “Website of the year” Techie Award. During her tenure at Progress, Sassy shaped the art direction and design of iconic product websites such as NativeScript.org, Telerik.com, Progress.com, and Fiddler.com.

A quick peek at Sassy's work

Before joining the Telerik team, she has spent almost a decade creating stunning visual web experiences at one of the best Bulgarian digital agencies at that time, Netage. Sassy created her first website some 20 years ago, yet she still gets excited whenever kicking off a new project.

“Trying to thrive in an industry where revolutions happen in the blink of an eye, and the only constant is change motivates you to become better and better, every day. Creating coherent customer experiences at scale requires continuous iterations and commitment”, Svetoslava says.

Her dedication to constant learning and experimenting, to not be satisfied with whatever just works, has certainly paid off. Svetoslava was leading the web design effort at Telerik, now Progress when Telerik.com was recognized twice by HubSpot as one of the best website home page design examples. We asked her a few questions to understand her motivation and goals now that’s she is part of the Resolute team:

Why Resolute Software? What made you choose us?

“Resolute Software immediately won me over with their team. I know the people, I have worked with them before, and I admire and respect them for what they do and who they are in their respective professional domain. That’s not all, however. I was very impressed with the talent acquisition process; the precision with which the Resolute team is selecting the right people with the right talent to fit a role and a place in the company perfectly. Many organizations in the software industry claim a focus on corporate values and employee happiness because it is trendy. Resolute Software is genuinely obsessed about building a progressive workplace where people are happy, motivated, and empowered to work on their personal and professional development. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with smart, motivated people who love what they do”.

As Resolute Software’s VP of Design, what are your immediate goals and long-term objectives?

“Creating team synergy is something I have always strived for: empowering team members to collaborate and create together a culture of excellence, to improve their effectiveness by sharing perceptions and experiences, insights, and knowledge. Good synergy should be the superpower of the team.”, Svetoslava says. “My initial objective would be to empower the team to enhance the design process across the organization by weaving in some best practices and recent methodologies. I am hoping to inspire the design team to get to the next level, motivate them to bring their A-game every day, and have fun meanwhile. It might sound a little utopian, but we have done it before, haven’t we.”

“My design vision for Resolute Software and a mid-term objective is establishing Resolute Software’s unique, recognizable digital footprint, along with installing a culture of uncompromising quality.”

What legacy would you like to leave behind?

“The minimalist design approach is what I am hoping to bring in and cultivate in the Resolute team. As a person and designer, I have always favorited minimalism. I believe that if an element or functionality are not essential, they are probably redundant. I am genuinely interested in finding the balance between minimalist design and maximum impact. This is the design culture I nurtured in Progress and Netage, and I am positive it is something we can take to the next level here at Resolute Software.”

Welcome aboard, Sassy! The entire Resolute team is very happy to have you! We hope you will have a fantastic time working with us.

About the author

Hristo Georgiev
Hristo Georgiev

Hristo Georgiev is a Co-CEO at Resolute Software. Hristo is responsible for setting the strategic direction, shaping the corporate culture, managing business operations and ultimately creating a vision for success. With over a decade of business managerial experience, Hristo drives positive change within our organization.

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