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Resolute Software Gets a Brand-New Look

05 October 2022

7 minute read

new Resolute logo; brand transformation; modernization

Digitalization, modernization, innovation - the world is racing to be the first to get there, making IT consultants’ jobs even harder as they need to master modern technologies. Not only this but to move a step forward - to anticipate and lay the foundations for new solutions and trends and to help other industries in their modernization.

Recognizing this need, we embarked on a path to modernize our very own brand - Resolute.

The Transformation Begins Inside First

The consumption of digital products is so intense that consumer perceptions are changing faster than expected. What was fashionable five years ago is now outdated. Acknowledging this fact, we had to match the market’s pulse.

"We are the experts in digital modernization. In no case can we allow our brand to look outdated. It should be in tune with what we offer and what people like", Denitsa Kostova, Marketing Director.

That is why we decided to renew our logo only three years after its creation. We wanted the logo to indirectly tell stories about our work and convey a sense of innovation, trust, and stability. We desired to balance sharp and rounded shapes and choose the right color shades that create an association with high technology and modernity.

But we didn’t stop there.

"Shortly after we started, we realized we needed a complete brand identity revamp - new colors, fonts, and patterns to satisfy our perfectionism syndrome. So, a new brand book was also on the table, a tool enabling unification around the general feeling transmitted to the user", Gergana Milusheva, Senior UX/UI designer.

Resolute Changes

At Resolute, we strongly believe in “the power of simplicity.” We decided to drop “software” from the company logo, too. The definition has worked for us for the past three years, giving more clarity to our business and expertise. Today, however, we have chosen to keep only Resolute in the name because we believe it is important not to talk too much but to say the right thing. That has become the most important message we want to convey through our new vision.

"Resolute is a partner that focuses on what's important and makes work easy, pleasant, and without too much unnecessary administration. We act flexibly, and this makes companies feel in safe hands, without the familiar clumsiness of corporations", Denitsa Kostova.

image showing differences between the old Resolute logo and the new one

All the Perspectives

To achieve the most accurate image of Resolute and to set the right tone of voice, we sought the opinion of our colleagues and most important partners. We challenged them all to share their initial associations with our brand. We made a long list of what we like and even researched our competitors’ colors to avoid their shades. We wanted to stand out! We also got an outside expert’s view and ideas - Polya Vasileva, a graphic designer with over 12 years of experience in marketing, branding, communications, UX, and UI design to help us in our rebranding effort.

"Polya worked closely with Resolute's design team throughout the process. Having a partner with similar expertise to yours proved to be much easier and, at the same time, very challenging. Thus, to be consistent in our decision-making, we relied on internal meetings with detailed discussions related to vision, colors, and ideas", Gergana Milusheva.

The results of this mini-survey showed that Resolute was most often associated with 2 words - innovation and space. As for our partners – they were seeing us as trusted consultants who treat them with care. Our new logo had to convey all these important keywords into it.

The New Colors and Shapes

After rounding the logotype’s shapes and changing the name, we continued choosing the new colors.

On the one hand, we had the clarity that we would keep purple as the primary color, but on the other hand, we had to spice it up. For this purpose, we settled on a different shade to make it livelier and more eye-catching. We then paired purple with mint green, and the combination of the two gave a sense of space, stars, and planets – something that connects to our brand name and, metaphorically speaking, to the goals and projects we work on.

"We wanted to have a look & feel that is more modern and that could help us stand out among the rest of the players on the market. With our new identity, we are confident that we will strengthen our image as a modern and trustful global player ", Denitsa Kostova.

image showing differences between old Resolute shapes and colors and the new one

The Challenges

Rebranding is a process that needs to be looked at in-depth. It requires to be handled with extreme precision to achieve its goal. One of our biggest challenges was picking up the shapes and patterns that would fit our vision. The process required a collective effort starting from writing the proper brief, which considers all stakeholder’s needs and ideas. This was probably one of the most extended steps in the process, but it was worth it.

The other big challenge we faced was the selection of fonts so that they could serve us well in the digital space. The resolute design team clarified the choice of letter shapes and colors and how they would fit with our other digital assets.

With such a working model, it is crucial to have a well-working feedback loop with your consultant so that everyone is looking in the same direction and moving smoothly toward the end goal.

"It was important to work tightly, to set milestones, give each other feedback, and follow the preliminary timeline. This attitude and discipline went a long way in getting us to the final result. The designers of Resolute showed a very high level of creativity," Denitsa Kostova.

To the Stars

The rebranding was Resolute’s first step in the modernization process, and the creation of our new site will be the next challenge to be met in the next few months.

"The website nowadays is the company's business card. Often customers share how much they liked the Resolute website, and knowing it needs improvement, we are often surprised. But I guess that's because we're always looking to be one step ahead of what's good. We strive for the best. We are critical, and we don't settle for less. Our goal is to showcase the expertise and skills of the people in our teams and let the whole world know about the talent at Resolute" - Denitsa Kostova.

Your Partner – Now Modernized

Resolute’s new look reinforces the way we want to be perceived externally. The message we send with our shapes and colors is that we are a team of experts, an innovative and trustful partner in the digital modernization space. We strongly believe our new look will help us stand out in the highly competitive IT market. We believe our new identity sends the right message and reinforces our philosophy that today is better than yesterday.

"The function of UX design is making your product or service more noticeable. With the new feel, we're creating, we're getting closer to that goal and will undoubtedly stand out much more than other players in the industry. Every action we take is an effort to show that we create something modern, so our customers understand that we will do something just as good for them," Gergana Milusheva.





Kameliya Dineva
Kameliya Dineva

Kameliya is an experienced communication consultant and content creator. She is passionate about event management, copywriting, and PR. For about 8 years in the field, she has worked in various industries, where she successfully helps companies with their communication strategies and brand positioning.

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